What Happened to Leave Britney Alone Guy?

What Happened to Leave Britney Alone Guy? Let us continue blogging about famous personalities from the past — like our imaginary boyfriend Landon Lueck — by, this time, focusing on the Leave Britney Alone Guy aka Chris Crocker. Whatever happened to him? Well, first of all, we gotta apologize to the guy for kinda laughing at his histrionics rather than listening to his overall message which is that the troubled singer needed help rather than derision which is what people were doing to Britney at that time.

what happened to leave britney alone guy - chris crocker

Many years later, we know now that Chris Crocker was right all along and that we awe him some apology in all caps. So APOLOGIES. APOLOGIES. APOLOGIES.

Now, as regards the question on whatever happened to him, the answer is that he has transitioned and now goes by Cara Cunningham. You can find her on Facebook. She used to be active on Instagram (where she goes by the handle @caralikecareuh) but it looks like she is on hiatus there at the moment. Some photos of Cara from her social media pages:

leave britney alone guy update2 - cara cunningham

leave britney alone guy update

She’s really an interesting person ain’t she? We give her props for living the life she wants to live. Oh, by the way, before she transitioned Cara (who was Chris at the time) starred in an adult movie with his then boyfriend, Justin Dean. We’d like to give you some saucy screencaps from said movie but we are afraid of our Grandma Akita so we are gotta settle for these instead where the two are drinking wine:

chris crocker boyfriend justin dean2

chris crocker boyfriend justin dean3

And here’s a shirtless photo of Justin:

chris crocker boyfriend justin dean

He may or may have dated Aaron Carter according to internet gossips and their basis is this photo of the two getting cozy. Since they never said they were an item, we gotta say that this must have been just a friendly hug, no?

chris crocker boyfriend aaron carter

Let’s end this post with these gorgeous and shirtless pics of Chris Crocker shall we?

whatever happened to chris crocker update

Chris Crocker underwear briefs2

whatever happened to chris crocker update 2021

leave britney alone guy 2021 what happened to chris crocker

leave britney alone guy 2021 update - chris crocker

Chris Crocker shirtless body

Chris Crocker real name Christopher Darren Cunningham music career

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