Wests Tigers Rugby Players: Shirtless and Speedo Photos

Wests Tigers Rugby Players Shirtless and Speedo Photos. Ladies, what do you think of guys who play with snakes? Does their “snake charming” ability make them cooler and more badass? Or are you too afraid of the snake that you’d rather ignore the guy (no matter how cute he is) and run away because of fear that the snake will bite you or squeeze you to death?

We’re ashamed to admit that we are more of the latter than the former. Which means that even if West Tigers rugby player Robbie Farah (the guy in the first pic above) is every inch a hunk, we’d still run away from him because of that snake he’s playing with.

But why are we blabbing about snakes. Hehe. Let’s just talk about these shirtless and Speedo-wearing rugby players of the Wests Tigers Rugby League Football Club. Check out 27-year-old Adam Blair rocking his skimpy swimsuit.

A shirtless Curtis Sironen is looking cute and fresh.

We can’t say the same thing for Jacob Miller. But to be fair to him, no person carrying a keg full of beer (we’d like to think there’s beer inside) will look cute and fresh. Hehe.

James Tedesco seems to be enjoying a recovery session, no?

Ginger hunk Keith Galloway is shirtless in his Under Armour flex pants. [Want to see more shirtless redhead celebrities?]

Aww. Lote Tuqiri reminds us of our niece when she was four and was starting to learn how to swim. She’s now a competitive swimmer with medals to boast so we’re pretty sure Lote will learn how to swim too. Hehe.

Now this is what we call a fun run. Go Matt Utai, go!

Now, is there some kind of a bromance going on between Chris Heighington and Gareth Ellis? Nah. This shirtless side hugs is normal in the sporting world, you know.

Ray Cashmere at a Tigers recovery session.

Liam Fulton and Bryce Gibbs star in a promo material for sportystuff.com.au. This is probably our favorite of the bunch.

Beau Ryan, Robbie Farah, Rhys Hanbury, Keith Galloway and another guy we, unfortunately, can’t ID. Maybe you can ID him in the comments.

Benji Marshall and Keith Galloway.

What do we call this activity that Tim Moltzen is doing? Do we call it “paddling”? Is it some kind of a water sport?

Who’s got the best bikini swimsuit among these guys: Robbie Fara,Tim Simona, Tim Moltzen, Curtis Sironen, James Tedesco, Chris Lawrence, or David Nofoaluma?

So who of these Wests Tigers rugby hunks is your favorite?