Wes Brown Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Dating or Married

Wes Brown Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Dating or Married. Josh Dallas and his tight pants and Colin O’Donoghue with his devilish smile were obviously the main draw — for us at least — of Once Upon a Time but every now and then a character shows up on the ABC show that makes us go, “Wow! That’s a really good lookin’ guy.”

One of those guys is Wes Brown who made a guest appearance as Gaston on the episode Her Handsome Hero. When he popped up on screen we were like, “Hot damn! That’s a man we’d like to bring home to mama!”

wes brown once upon a time gaston4

wes brown once upon a time gaston5

We are happy to note that they did not make him a bad dude — like in Beauty and the Beast — but a sympathetic character that, as we said, we’d very much like to bring home to mama. Wouldn’t you?

wes brown once upon a time gaston2

wes brown once upon a time gaston3

Wes Brown Shirtless Photos. Here are some shirtless photos of our Wes for the thirsty hos and THOTs among us here at Famewatcher. This one’s from the Till Death Do Us Part episode of 90210.

wes brown shirtless sexy

The next shirtless photo is also from 90210.

wes brown shirtless body

A younger Wes.

wes brown hot actor

Wes Brown Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? He is straight and very much married to Amanda Moye Brown who is also in show business; she is a producer according to IMDB. Here’s a photo of the lovely couple.

wes brown wife

However, we would not be doing our duty of chronicling a list of straight guys doing LGBT roles if we do not mention that Wes played a closeted soldier on the pilot episode of the TV series Scandal.

wes brown gay or straight

Okay, we think we’ll end this post with probably our favorite photo of the 38 year old actor. Check him out looking really cool wearing suspenders. He really is a beautiful man, isn’t he? Why People Magazine has not made him or at least included him in their Sexiest Man Alive list boggles the mind.

wes brown sexy actor

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