Wentworth Miller Boyfriend or Partner: Is He Married or Single?

Wentworth Miller Boyfriend Update. We forgot to publish this photo of Wentworth and Luke Macfarlane in our previous post back in 2014. They reportedly dated back in 2007. Wouldn’t it be cool if they got back together again a decade later?

wenthworth miller boyfriend 2017

Wentworth Miller Boyfriend in 2014: Wentworth is making a TV comeback of sorts via Grant Gustin’s The Flash on The CW so its not surprising that lots of you are wondering whether Wentworth is single and available or whether he’s dating a boyfriend. Maybe he’s married to a significant other?

wentworth miller boyfriend 2014

The answer to your question regarding Wentworth’s relationship status is: WE DON’T EFFIN KNOW! Dating history website, whosdatedwho.com, does not know either although it lists the following boys (Luke Macfarlane, Mark Liddell, and Kristoffer Cusick) and girls (Mariana Klaveno, Amie Bice, Kelley Feeney, and Sarah Wayne Callies) as people who have dated – or rumored to have dated – Wentworth in the past.

As to his present boyfriend (if any), we gotta wait for the man himself to tell us. But, like we did in the case of Apple CEO Tim Cook when we tried to find him a suitable boyfriend (see Tim Cook’s Asian Boyfriend), let’s make a list of out gay guys who will be a good partner for our Wentworth.

This is our list of suggestions for Went’s beau. If you know other guys who would be suitable for our hunk, do mention them in the comment section.

Adam Lambert. If Wentworth is looking for a guy who knows how to sing like gay-icon Freddie Mercury, this American Idol runner-up is his man.

wentworth miller boyfriend - adam lambert

Tim Cook. He would be the perfect Wentworth Miller boyfriend if the actor is interested in daddy-type geeks. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we learned through the grapevine that the Apple CEO is more into Asian guys.

Ronan Farrow. He hasn’t come out but the MSNBC host is rumored to be a friend of Dorothy. Him and Went will make a beautiful couple if they ever hook up.

wentworth miller boyfriend - ronan farrow

Andy Cohen. Andy is a modern version of King Midas because every reality show he creates on Bravo are golden hit shows. Hey, Andy, what about partnering with Wentworth to create a reality show featuring how gay guys and their coming out stories? And then after the reality show becomes a hit, you and Wentworth go ride into the sunset together?

wentworth miller boyfriend andy cohen

Not Chris Colfer. We thought of suggesting gay millenial Chris Colfer as Wentworth’s boyfriend but we find Glee (and Chris) to be very very annoying right now and we don’t want our Went to touch anyone associated with that show with a ten foot pole. Glee (and Chris) was cool at first but they’ve overstayed their welcome.

So what do you think of our suggestions as the Wentworth Miller Boyfriend in 2014? As we said, this is our list. Maybe it came out of a crazy mind but you are free to dream up a list of your own. Haha.

NOTE: We were surprised when the Google search engine autosuggests “Rubem Robierb” when you google “Wentworth Miller’s boyfriend”. We wondered whether the two ever hooked up before Rubem went on to marry Sam Champion but when we looked at the photos of Rubem we found out that there’s a strong resemblance between Rubem and Wentworth. Maybe people are just confusing the two that’s why Google autosuggest is also confused?

Wentworth Miller’s Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Look who’s wearing a fabulous Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses? It’s our imaginary Prison Break boyfriend Wentworth Miller. Yeah, even though he came out as gay, we are still gonna consider him as our imaginary boyfriend. And why effin not? The guy is gorgeous. The guy is beefcake personified. The guy is perfection! You think its easy to give him up just like that?

wentworth miller ray ban sunglasses

Wentworth Miller Boyfriend Suggestions published 21 July 2014. Last updated: April 12, 2020 at 4:04 am.