Von Miller Elizabeth Ruiz Video: Where To Watch NFL Star’s Tape?

Von Miller Elizabeth Ruiz Video Scandal. Where can you watch the controversial video tape of Denver Broncos star Von Miller allegedly boinking model and video vixen Elizabeth Ruiz. Unfortunately for you (and for us because we are just as curious), it it seems like this ain’t gonna see the light of day. If Von will have his way, that is.

Currently, the Denver Broncos linebacker has managed to convince a judge to stop Elizabeth from releasing the tape. Oh, she was also ordered to surrender the controversial video. TMZ Sports has the details:

The woman who co-starred in the Von Miller s*x tape says the judge gave her 3 DAYS to hand over her copy … or else.

Ruiz says she’s frustrated over Tuesday’s court order to fork over her copy — insisting she’s done NOTHING wrong.

“It was consensual. I own 50% of the rights of it and it’s just not fair. I already complied to not releasing it, duplicating or showing it to anybody, but I want to keep my copy.” Ruiz says she likes to watch it privately — and should be able to enjoy it by herself.

We’d like to enjoy watching it too, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, it seems like Von is the one winning in court. So is this the end to our dream of ever watching the Von Miller Elizabeth Ruiz video? Seems like it! Although, for speculative purposes, here are some scenarios where the video might get out for the masses to gape at:

  1. Von himself agrees to its release and share 50% of the profit.
  2. Elizabeth wins in court and this somehow gives her the green light to release her Cancun tape. But she gotta share 50% of the profit with Von.
  3. Someone hacks the video from one who has a copy and releases it to the public. For instance, what if Elizabeth gives her copy to the judge as ordered and someone hacks the judge? This things happen, no?

Well, maybe there are other ways besides the ones we mentioned but this is it for now.

For the time being, here are photos of Elizabeth which we grabbed from Instagram (follow her at @elizabethruizxo) if you want to appreciate her “gifts”. Well, here’s our Latina beauty as Spiderwoman.

von miller elizabeth ruiz video in cancun

She’s a teacher perhaps?

von miller elizabeth ruiz video

Whatever you think of her, you gotta give her credit for rocking her leather leggings.

von miller elizabeth ruiz video tape

Now what about Von, what “gifts” does he have that we would appreciate? Well, you can check him out and his underwear. Size looks pretty large, huh? [Related: Black NFL Hunks]

von miller underwear video tape scandal

Lastly, did you know that he posed au natural in the 2015 ESPN Magazine Body Issue. Here’s our nekkid Von and his sculpted washboard abs.

von miller abs sculpted washboard

We hope these pics are good enough substitute for the Von Miller Elizabeth Ruiz video. Haha.