Vito Coppola Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dance Champion

Vito Coppola Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dance Champion. As mentioned in our earlier post on Matt Goss, the dance season on British telly is upon and the gods have blessed us with two new hunky dancers who we will be ogling as the season progresses. Per wikipedia, the newbies are Carlos Gu and Vito Coppola. We will be writing about Carlos in the coming days so watch out for that. For this post, we’d like to introduce you to Vito and his hunkiness.

Vito Coppola strictly come dancing

Though he is new on Strictly Come Dancing, Vito is not exactly an amateur when it comes to dance competitions. In fact, he just won the Italian version of Dancing With the Stars last year with dance partner Arisa. As sometimes happens to DWTS and SCD dance partners, the two went on to be romantically entangled. However, Arisa and Vito eventually called it quits with the latter departing for London to dance for the BBC show. Here’s the two lovebirds during happier times together and when they won the DWTS trophy which, we must say, does not appear to be as garish as either the American or the British versions. It most definitely does not look like a disco ball. Yay!

Vito Coppola girlfriend wife arisa

Vito Coppola dancing with the stars champion with partner arisa

Because we know that some of you are thirsty hos, we went a-snooping on Vito’s Instagram page to quench your thirstiness for a little bit. If you want more, you should follow the guy on Insta (@ vitocoppola_real) where he’s shared similar photos like these ones.

Vito Coppola hot body

Vito Coppola dance underwear

Damn! He sure is hot even when he’s wearing clothes, no? By the way, we should mention that aside from his DWTS Italy trophy, Vito has won world championship titles and has emerged victorious in different countries like Canada, Japan, Belgium, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. We must admit that we are not immersed in the world of dance so we do not know how competitive these contests are but he specializes in Latin dance and is an 11-time Latin-American champion which is very impressive.

Vito Coppola hot in suit

Vito Coppola Gay or Straight? Huh, what kind of question is this? We just mentioned above that he was in a relationship with then girlfriend Arisa which means he is straight. Or, to quote Ross from friends, “he could be at least bi”. Hehe. Anyhoo, we wish him well as he participates in a new venture in front of a new and bigger audience.

Vito Coppola gay or straight

Vito Coppola body - tennis hunk

Vito Coppola shirtless sweatpants - instagram at vitocoppola_real

Vito Coppola shirtless

Vito Coppola underwear strictly come dancing

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