Vintage Tank Top Shirts: Jeff Aquilon and Ryan Minor Muscle Shirts

Vintage Tank Top Shirts: Jeff Aquilon and Ryan Minor Muscle Shirts. More 1980s vintage men’s fashion featuring the world’s first supermodel, Jeff Aquilon, sporting tank top shirts or wifebeaters. Pretty cool shirts, eh?

vintage tank top shirts

It’s also interesting to see how male models back then appear to be more buffed and muscled than your typical male model these days who tend to be androgynous.

vintage athletic shirts

vintage tank top shirts advertisement

Speaking of vintage shirts, check out vintage ad for wrinkle-free shirts.

A shirt that does not wrinkle? That seems to be the claim of this vintage ad featuring Hollywood icon Charlton Heston and his Van Heusens Century shirt. However, if you take a closer look at the text of the ad particularly the smaller ones,Van Heusens really doesn’t promise a wrinkle-free shirt or a shirt with no wrinkles.

Apparently, it’s only them “revolutionary collars” that would be wrinkle free. How’s that for truth in sneaky advertising? Want more men’s shirts? Or would you rather check out more wifebeater shirts?


White Tank Top Shirts for Men: Ryan Minor, Male Fitness Model
26 November 2010

white tank top shirt for men - athletic shirts for men

Wowza. Don’t you just love white tank top shirts? They look fabulous on men particularly those who, like American fitness model Ryan Minor, have good muscle definition. Check out more photos of Ryan with his sexy white athletic shirt below.

sexy white tank top shirts or singlets for men

Want more men wearing tank top shirts? Check out Hugh Jackman’s Tank Top Shirt by Zimmerli Richelieu, and this Adidas undershirt.