Vintage Chuck Taylor All Stars Shoes: Celebrity Fans

Vintage Chuck Taylor All Stars Shoes: Celebrity Fans. Nearly ten years later, we are updating this post to bring you more celebrity fans of Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes. Since, these images are mainly from decades past, we are calling this the vintage edition update. Let’s star with one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Paul McCartney, who — horror of horrors — is wearing his Chucks in bed. Good thing our Grandma Akita ain’t there to spank your heinie for bringing dirt to your bed, Sir Paul.

vintage chuck taylor all stars shoes - paul mccartney

Of course, a list of vintage Chuck Taylor shoes celebrity users that does not include basketball star Pete Maravich is no list at all:

vintage chuck taylor all stars shoes - Pete Maravich

Jim Carrey, his co-stars, and his Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes on the set of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

vintage chuck taylor all stars shoes - jim carrey

You know Chuck Taylor is a cool shoes if Bruce Springsteen wears them.

vintage chuck taylor all stars shoes - bruce springsteen

The late River Phoenix playing basketball in his Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes.

vintage chuck taylor all stars shoes - river phoenix

We plan to bring you more vintage Chuck Taylor shoes so watch out for them in the future.


Taylor Lautner Chuck Taylor All Stars Shoes (26 February 2010). What kind of shoes does Taylor Lautner wear? Well, we’re pretty sure he wears different kinds of shoes but in this Teen Vogue photo-shoot, our Taylor is wearing a Chuck Taylor All Stars aka Converse All Stars aka “Cons” or “Chucks”.


Yeah, the shoes got many names. It’s probably because it’s a classic shoes (that dates back to the 1950s) which has managed to appeal to different generations who gave the shoes their own nicknames. We gotta say though that we like “Cons” better than “Chucks” because it sounds more unique.


Anyhoo, back to our boy’s fashion style, be sure you check out this Taylor leather jacket, the Taylor wet shirt look, and Taylor in plaid shirt.


Converse Chuck Taylor’s Shoes: Ace Young (31 August 2010). Hey look who’s rocking his Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers by John Varvatos. It’s the dreamy and sexy Ace Young of American Idol. We can’t remember the season he was in but we were totally crushing on him when he was still in the show. We cried a tear when he was eliminated.

Okay, to be honest, we cried more than a tear. Hehe. So its good to see Ace again looking cool and shaggable as always. Yum.

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