Vintage Briefs Underwear for Men: Brand Advertisements

Vintage Briefs Underwear for Men. From vintage Speedos, let’s now check out some vintage underwear brands and the print advertisements they produced in the days of yore to convince your daddy or granddaddy to buy and wear these underthings. Are you familiar with these vintage underwear brands? Ever tried wearing any of them? Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

BVD underwear. What does BVD stand for again? Is it really the great American fit for the great American male? Now that the brand is practically extinct (or is it?), what do true blue great American males wear nowadays to get that great American fit?

vintage mens underwear - bvd brand

Champs Elysees underwear is, according to its makers, the true unadulterated French fashion underwear designed and manufactured in France with a flair for style, quality, and fit.

vintage mens underwear - Champs Elysees Briefs

Eminence underwear. We’re thinking this is another French underwear brand? Did the guy and the lady had a pillow fight? What’s with all the flying feathers?

vintage mens underwear - eminence brand - france

Mayo Spruce underwear. Can men’s underwear feel sexier than women’s lingerie? You sure bet it can according to this advert from Mayo Spruce.

vintage mens underwear - mayo spruce

Tempo/Bri Nylon underwear. Who says millenials “invented” the underwear-for-outerwear trend? Not the guys who made Tempo underwear whose Y-Front briefs are so hot, hot, hot its the only thing you need to wear when you’re off to work. Even in chilly Finland?

vintage mens underwear - tempo - bri nylon - finnish brand

Ah Men underwear. We’re assuming this what it looks like in a Hollywood movie set?

vintage mens underwear - wardrobe department

IFT International underwear. What’s unusual about IFT’s underthings? Its “meshiness” perhaps? The upper part in the man’s brief is a mesh, right? Or is it time to get our eyes examined again?

Man Mate underwear. Apparently, stretchiness is a big selling point back in the day! What’s the big selling point nowadays? We’d say underwear that wicks away your sweat and one that enhances your treasure down there.

vintage mens underwear briefs - manmate with free coupons

Bob White’s underwear. Who (or what) is Bob White? Is it the name of this man? Or is it the brand name of the underwear he is wearing? We googled “Bob White” but all we got are birds of the quail family.

vintage briefs underwear for men bob white

Wolsey briefs and boxer shorts. According to this advert, changing your underwear preference from brand X to Wolsey will give you a new lease in life. [Or it can make you Mr. SuperWeak you need three other Wolsey-wearing guys to lift a stupid barbell.]

vintage underwear for men - wolsey briefs and boxer shorts

So which of these vintage briefs underwear for men is your favorite? Ours would be the Finnish brand Tempo because who wouldn’t want to look at guys wearing nothing but their undies to work, no? It would get the conservatives and their morality BS riled up and it would be fun to watch. What say you UnderwearWatchers?

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