Victoria Beckham Jeans Style: Skinny, Jeggings, and Flare Bottoms

Victoria Beckham Jeans Style: Skinny, Jeggings, and Flare Bottoms. Looking for girls in skinny jeans? Here’s Victoria “Posh” Beckham in her fading black skinny jeans. Aside from her trousers, what’s remarkable in these photos is actually the many faces of Victoria. Sure, she’s got a wrinkle-free face (which indicates use of the Botox or Botox alternative, Rodial’s Glamoxy snake serum), but we gotta give her credit for giving us these different “looks”. First of all, here’s the “I’m gonna cover my face from your camera” look.

victoria beckham jeans skinny

Then here’s the “sleepy Victoria” look.

victoria beckham jeans sexy

Victoria’s “What are you looking at, do you want me to hit your head?” look.

victoria beckham skinny jeans

And, finally, the “I won’t be bothered by all these” look.

victoria beckham jeans fashion

Which is your favorite Victoria Beckham denim jeans look?


Victoria Beckham Jeans Leggings on Victoria Beckham
27 November 2010

victoria beckham jeans jeggings

What is cooler than making your husband wear your creation? It’s wearing your creation yourself, of course. It’s a pretty cool world for Victoria Beckham, no? After making her superstar husband David Beckham wear the Victoria Beckham designer sunglasses, here’s Posh Spice rocking her very own Victoria Beckham jeans leggings. How cool is that?

black jeggings jeans leggings by victoria beckham

victoria beckham jeggings

For more female celebrities wearing jeggings, check out Taylor Swift’s American Eagle jeggings, Rihanna’s J Brand denim leggings, and Carrie Underwood’s Black Orchid jeans.


Flare Bellbottom Jeans: Victoria Beckham’s Vintage Fashion
23 June 2010

victoria beckham jeans bellbottoms

Today in women’s jeans, we bring you Victoria Beckham in her flare bellbottom jeans. Apparently, this attempt by Victoria two years ago to bring back this 1960s fashion style did not catch on because skinny jeans still reign among fashionistas.

What vintage fashion would you like to come back? We don’t really care for flare pants, stretchy jeans, baggy clothes, and the horrendous shoulder pads of the 1980s. However, we think it would be pretty cool if we bring back the mini-skirt for the ladies and the short shorts for the boys? What do you think?

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