Victor Turpin Underwear, Shirtless Workout, and Boyfriend

Victor Turpin Underwear, Shirtless Workout, and Boyfriend. Who’s the apparently happy guy working out in his briefs underwear and what’s up with the barbell he is using? Fellow clueless Famewatcher, his name is Victor Turpin. He is a Colombian-American actor and this image is screencapped from the 2017 movie Killing Hasselhoff where he played the role of Sebastian.

As for that thing he is lifting for his workout we are totally clueless whether it is technically a barbell what with the roundish balls at the edges and all.

Victor Turpin underwear - killing hasselhoff

Now, those of you who read tabloids or who visit celebrity gossip sites should be familiar with this hunky Latino because he dated The Hobbit actor Luke Evans. Here’s a photo of the former lovebirds during a beach vacation where they were very handsy with each other.

Victor Turpin boyfriend luke evans

The two broke up sometime in 2019 and Luke went on to date Rafa Olarra who, from the photos we saw, is just as hunky and as stocky as Victor.

victor turpin hot body shirtless in jeans

So is the Colombian hottie dating anyone at the moment? Has he found a boyfriend or girlfriend to go vacationing with? We have no answer at this point but we will update this post once we do have the information in the future.

To date, Victor has 31 acting credits to his name and this includes a guest appearance on Will and Grace where he played the role of a hot chef that Will had a crush on. It would have been cool if Victor and Will went on to date on the show but, sadly, the writers did not write it that way.

victor turpin muscled chef in will and grace

Victor is sculpted like a Greek god which is why the lady behind him is doing a fun double take. Go for it, lady in pink!

victor turpin body beautiful

He sure loves him his short shorts, no?

victor turpin shirtless body in short shorts

Victor Turpin Underwear and Speedo Photos. Our actor model is beside a pole in a pair of briefs-style Speedos. Is he playing a pole dancer or something?

Victor Turpin speedo briefs

Victor Turpin underwear briefs

Victor Turpin Fashion Style. He looks great when he takes off his clothes but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t look as great when he’s wearing more than short shorts and underwear/swimwear. As a matter of fact, he continues to make us hot and bothered when he’s wearing muscle shirt and fit pants.

victor turpin hot masculine man

He also pops when he’s wearing suit and tie.

Victor Turpin hot men in suit

Or when he’s going for the relaxed suit-no-tie look.

Victor Turpin hot men in suit2

Who says you have to wear a shirt before you put on your leather jacket? It’s our Victor of course. And we give him props for ditching the shirt.

Victor Turpin shirtless in leather

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