Peyton Meyer Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

peyton meyer underwear versace

Peyton Meyer Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Famewatchers, say hi to our latest imaginary beau. His name is Peyton Meyer. He’s an actor, he’s 22 years old, and he’s starring in the upcoming Netflix rom-com He’s All That. Peyton will be playing the bad boyfriend role in the movie which is described on wikipedia as a “gender swapped remake of the 1999 film She’s All That” and which is scheduled to drop this coming week. Here are screencaps of a shirtless Peyton from the trailer of the movie:

Versace Red Carpet Dresses and Evening Gowns on Celebrities

celebrities wearing versace dress 2011

Versace Red Carpet Dresses and Evening Gowns on Celebrities. It’s quite unbelievable how she transformed herself, no? She’s now much thinner than when we first saw her on American Idol. By the way, Jennifer is our bet for the next star who’ll manage to bag the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards) grand slam. She’s already got a Grammy and an Oscar. We won’t be surprised if she bags an Emmy and a Tony if she pursues some television and theater work.

Versace Male Underwear Models: Who’s the Greatest of them All?

versace male underwear model - Pietro Boselli

Versace Male Underwear Models. You should remember Pietro but, for those of you not familiar with him, this handsome professor became instantly famous when a student secretly photographed him while teaching and shared the pic with the internets. Professor Pietro was side-gigging as a model at that time but his modeling career took off when the world discovered his gorgeousness. We can’t resist his charms so here’s another photo of the guy.

Versace Mens Underwear – Male Models and Celebrities

Versace Mens Underwear Models and Celebrity Fans. This post is for Famewatchers, like our friend Kevin, who like them their Versace male underwear models as well as famous men or celebrities spotted wearing Versace briefs or boxers or whatever it is that the designers of the Italian fashion house is producing these days.

versace briefs underwear for men ss 2013 - male model Mantas Armalis

Chris Pine Leather Pants and Leather Jacket Collection

Holy canoly. Chris Pine’s leather pants by Versace has got to be the hottest leather pants ever ever. Damn. This photo is soo making us drool. Come on, admit it you’re drooling too aren’t you. This pair of Versace leather trousers and this Hollywood actor are sooo made for each other, no? If we have the money, we won’t mind buying them both. Hehehe.
Of course our Star Trek actor isn’t only about sexy leather pants. He’s also about hot leather jackets. Here’s one released by Paramount Pictures so we guess it’s safe to assume that it’s his Star Trek leather jacket. What brand of jacket is it? People around the internets are still debating the issue: some say its a Diesel leather jacket, some say its made by Belstaff (particularly a Loktite leather), while others insist its custom-made for the movie. Who knows? Unless Chris or the producer come out and tell us more about the jacket, people can only speculate at this point. More…