Vasek Pospisil Shirtless and Underwear: Gay or Girlfriend?

Vasek Pospisil Shirtless Photos. After his successful campaign in Wimbledon where he went all the way to the quarterfinals, will Canadian tennis player Vasek Pospisil continue to prove that he has what it takes to make it to the top in men’s tennis?

vasek pospisil shirtless on court

We sure hope so! We like the Fab Four (well, except the one who constantly picks his butt) but we also want them to be challenged by up and coming players like Vasek.

Although he lost to Andy Murray in the Wimbledon quarters, the Canadian baller sure has converted some fans, including the four of us here at Famewatcher, with his Wimbledon heroics.

From the Globe and Mail:

Playing in his first Grand Slam quarter-final on Wednesday, Vasek Pospisil was defeated by several things native to Britain – Andy Murray, bad weather and fussy officialdom.

After 31 total sets in a week, most of them played from behind, Pospisil arrived exhausted. By the end, he was gulping air. During breaks, he sprayed his tightening legs with a numbing spray. He injured his right hand midway through the match, and was having it scanned afterward.

Given all that, it was a memorable performance in defeat. Pospisil lost 6-4, 7-5, 6-4 to the world No. 3. It doesn’t look close on paper, but it was. A few lucky breaks might’ve turned it. Pospisil received only the other kind.

He may not realize that yet. Most touring pros live in a media bubble during tournaments. They understandably resent intrusions, even pleasant ones. Pospisil said he wasn’t sure how big a deal this was in Canada, though he had hopes.

“I’ve heard that it’s been on the front page of papers and stuff back home,” he said. “That’s always nice to hear. Yeah, so that will happen a little more often now.”

Canada can only hope that’s a promise.

Vasek Pospisil Shirtless. For those of you looking for Vasek’s shirtless pics. He’s pasty white, huh? Reminds us of Edward the Vampire. Hehe.

vasek pospisil shirtless hot body

Practicing his serve with no shirt.

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vasek pospisil shirtless tennis hunk

Vasek Pospisil Shirtless in Underwear. Apparently, he is a boxers kind of guy. This is Vasek stripped to his undies during a recovery session.

vasek pospisil underwear - recovery session

Vasek Pospisil Gay or Straight? He is straight and is dating girlfriend Holly Roe. We will upload a pic of the couple when we find some.

13 March 2017 Update: Here are some photos of Vasek and Holly Roe. However we are not sure if the two are still dating.

Vasek Pospisil girlfriend holly roe

He may or may not have dated fellow Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard.

Vasek Pospisil and Eugenie Bouchard 2015 hopman cup ball

Apparently, there was such a thing as PospiSock which was the “cutest” doubles partnership between Vasek and American tennis player Jack Sock.

Vasek Pospisil gay bromance with jack sock2

The partnership is a “was” because the two have decided to part ways.

Vasek Pospisil gay bromance with jack sock

Vasek Pospisil Shirtless and Underwear: Gay or Girlfriend? posted 21 July 2015. Updated 13 March 2017.