Vanessa Perroncel John Terry: Plus Vanessa Modeling Photos

Vanessa Perroncel John Terry Update: Her Modeling Photos. Our post on the controversial news about footballer John Terry and Vanessa Perroncel got you all excited to see more photos of the French model so we decided to dive into the bowels of the internet and found these photos of our girl Vanessa.

Vanessa Perroncel john terry cheating scandal

Vanessa Perroncel underwear model

So, what do you think of her as a model? Us? We maintain what we said earlier that John shoulda hooked up with Wayne rather than this girl. Hehe. Okay, we are actually joking.

Vanessa Perroncel fashion model

Vanessa Perroncel model photos

The next photos are not necessarily from modeling photoshoots. They look more like paparazzi snaps.

Vanessa Perroncel modeling photos

Vanessa Perroncel model


Vanessa Perroncel John Terry Scandal: Did They Do It?
29 January 2010

vanessa perroncel john terry cheating

Are footballers John Terry and Frank Lampard doing each other? Nah, that’s merely a ridiculous speculation by gossip writers with over-active imaginations and with nothing better to do.

Admittedly, said gossip writers include as here at Famewatcher; how can we not pair them together when we see there bromantic pictures, huh. But just to be clear, all these John-hearts-Frank-hearts-John are merely speculations.


What is not speculation is this report by the Daily Mail that John Terry, while married to his wife Toni Poole, had an affair with the girl in the pic above, Vanessa Perroncel. Vanessa is a French female model who was the girlfriend of another footballer, Wayne Bridges (that’s him in the pic above); the two reportedly broke up at the end of last year. Which kind of suggests that Vanessa and John hooked up while he was married and while she was still seeing this Wayne guy. Wow. What a juicy scandal.

What do we think about this? Well, we think that John hooked up with the wrong partner. If he is gonna be dragged in a scandal about his sex life anyway, he should have cheated with Wayne instead. You agree, right? Har. Har.

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