Vanessa Hudgens Style: Reem Acra Dress and Jimmy Choo Shoes

Vanessa Hudgens Style Watch. We are updating this post to bring you more Vanessa Hudgens fashion style. She is wearing a PRPS brown leather jacket in the photo below.

vanessa hudgens style prps brown leather jacket

Wondering what PRPS stands for? Apparently, it is not an acronym or something. Rather, it is a shorthand for the word PURPOSE. In an interview with Toro Magazine, the designer behind the brand Donwan Harrell had this to say about what PRPS stands for:”Actually, the name represents purpose. Product with a purpose, purposeful product.”

So now you know. Anyhoo, let’s continue blogging about Vanessa Hudgens style. In the next photo below, she is wearing a pair of Diesel Lowky Jeans in 8SV.

vanessa hudgens style diesel jeans

Here’s Vanessa on the cover of Glamour Magazine with a Dolce and Gabbana watch.

vanessa hudgens style dolce gabbana


Vanessa Hudgens Style: Reem Acra Dress and Jimmy Choo Shoes (posted 23 June 2010). High School Musical tween star Vanessa Hudgens is looking fabulous in her Reem Acra dress and look at that sparkly shoes by Jimmy Choo. We loves it. Really, really loves it.

Vanessa Hudgens Style reem acra dress

A look at Vanessa’s Jimmy Choo shoes.

Vanessa Hudgens Style Jimmy Choo Shoes

Vanessa Hudgens Style Jimmy Choo Shoes

Vannesa plays the supportive girlfriend to Zac Efron during the premiere of his newest movie, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

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Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens: Celebrity Fashion Style. Want to dress like High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens? Well, all you gotta do is wear an above-the-knee little black dress and top it with a cardigan.

vanessa hudgens fashion style

The fox hat is optional but if you do have one, be sure its faux fur but if its not faux, make sure you’re not wearing a six-inch heeled shoe because you gotta be ready to run when them crazy PETA guys go after your scalp.

That shoes she’s wearing is badass.

Vanessa is so ready to roar. RAWR. RAWR. RAWR.

vanessa hudgens style watch

Vanessa Hudgens Style Watch. Posted 23 June 2010. Updated 31 May 2017.