Uniqlo Men’s Underwear: Reviews from Random Dudes

Great Reviews for Uniqlo Men’s Underwear. Last month, our friend Kevin bought a pair of Uniqlo Airism boxer briefs and he has since been raving about it. In fact, he plans to visit the Uniqlo store in Melbourne again to “get more AIRism before they run out”. Kevin has a tendency to be overly enthusiastic about the things he loves (when he loves something he really “loves loves loves” them and “really, really, really” hates the things he’s not impressed by) so we are not sure if we can take his word about the awesomeness of Uniqlo underwear.

To his credit, people across the interwebs are giving mostly positive feedback about Uniqlo underwear. For instance, James Harris of Complex Magazine (which bills itself as “the original buyer’s guide for men”) has included Uniqlo to his list of “The 50 Best Pairs of Men’s Underwear Out Right Now”. It would have been fun if he explained why the brand made the Top 50 but, explained or not, it is a vote of endorsement for the Japanese clothing brand which is slowly conquering the world [see Uniqlo Celebrity Endorsers].

uniqlo underwear for men

Another fashionisto who loves him his Uniqlo is Andrew Richdale of GQ Magazine. Here’s what he says about Uniqlo’s heattech underwear:

Assuming you’re not one of those bastards in Florida, the sole snowless state in the US, you could probably use some of these about now: Uniqlo’s heattech underwear. They keep you just toasty enough and they’re slimmed-down so you can wear them at the office. GQ creative director Jim Moore even rocks them under his suits when the temperature takes a nose-dive. “Most long underwear makes you look ten pounds heavier, but this stuff is invisible,” he says. “It’s the miracle of synthetic fibers: There’s no bunching, it keeps its shape, and it hugs you tightly.” A long-sleeve crewneck and a pair of their long-johns and you’ll be covered.

Meanwhile, fashion website selectism.com includes Uniqlo boxer briefs to its list of “6 Premium Boxer Briefs You Should Buy” and calls it the most economical yet most technically forward.

And here’s another reviewer’s take (underwearbriefs.com):

When I’m wearing my AIRISM Boxer Briefs, I truly do forget that I’m wearing them. The tag has never bothered me. It’s not a truly low-rise undergarment, but it doesn’t ride up or down at all. The legs aren’t elasticized at the bottom, and I almost never notice them riding up. The pouch isn’t fussy with any lifting or pushing out type details, but it has enough contour to keep the goodies from getting smushed all the time. I wear these in any situation, I’ve lounged around at home in them, I’ve worn them to go teach circus in (I usually wear a dance belt, but on “light” circus days, I wear these with NO problem).

I love these so much.

For his part, Bespokeman reviews the Uniqlo AIRism shirt:

The label says that it’s composed of 87% polyester and 13% spandex. I’m generally not in favor of synthetic fabrics but AIRism has completely changed the way I think about them. The first thing you’ll notice when you put it on is that it doesn’t feel scratchy or hot the way synthetics usually do. The fabric is thin and lightweight – a huge plus over pure cotton t-shirts.

After a while you won’t notice you have one on. The spandex allows it to stretch and mold to your body without restricting movement. Some people with pronounced shoulders/chests or those that want it less tight might need to size up.

Another advantage of AIRism is that it wicks away sweat from your body and dries it quickly. It doesn’t stay soggy like pure cotton and feels refreshing throughout the entire day.

Sure Uniqlo is getting great reviews from male fashionistas (aka those who write about men’s fashion for a living or as a hobby) but what do but what do actual consumers say about the Uniqlo they bought from the store? To answer this question we scoured the forums and these are the feedback we found:

Reddit (positive reviews):

  • Incredibly comfortable and stays put all day. Only downside is that my wife tells me they look ridiculous since they’re spandex. Although not as much mockery as I get when I’m putting on my cycling bibs…
  • Yeah, I used to only wear boxers but I hated when my balls stuck to my leg so I bought some cotton Hanes ones, but I didn’t really like them so I switched back to boxers. then I tried airism briefs and they’re amazing. It feels like you’re not wearing underwear at all.

Reddit (a mixed review):

  • the material feels as comfortable as everyone loves to say it is. however, on mine at least, the inseam rides up in the direction of my balls and bunches up pretty uncomfortably almost all the time. ive had this problem with other boxer briefs so it may just be me. idk cause my thighs arent reallly that big. ymmw

Reddit (negative reviews):

  • I have them but I find there is no room for my dick. I don’t have a huge dick either, just average. I tried a slightly bigger size and there is still no dick space.
  • My experience (I threw the pair I bought out): Small. Low rise. If you have any kind of ass at all, they won’t fit.

Shanghai Expat Forum:

  • I normally buy mine in Uniqlo. Decent quality/price ratio. They have choice for fat bastards too.
  • Finally Uniqlo arrived and all problems solved. Uniqlo has quality cheap underpants – much better than M&S by todays standards (I recently took a nostalgic trip to M&S underwear department and was bitterly disappointed so I bought some tea bags instead). Uniqlo, my son, is the place to purchase your mouse hammocks.
  • I also stock underwear from back home but if I’d want to buy reasonable price underwear, I’d try Uniqlo. At people square, there’s one one Nanjing pedestrian street, near Nanjing Dong Lu station. They usually have good quality/price ratio and have a lot of basic stuff such as plain white t-shirts, tank tops, socks and underwear.


  • Uniqlo Low rise boxer brief and H&M ones have been the best. H&M has a bigger front pouch, so they dont pull away from the leg zone as much, but are a little long. Uniqlo ones also dont stretch out as the day goes on. Tried the Merona ones from Target a couple years ago, not impressed. Certainly better than say hanes, but way way way too big, Mediums fit like a large. Might have well been plain boxers.

And let’s end this post with the words of the Snarky Nomad, a constant traveler who spent his life looking for the perfect travel underwear, who calls Uniqlo the “best men’s underwear underwear in the universe”. He went into a detailed review of the fit, fabric, waistband, gusset, style, price, packability, and drying time and same up very satisfied with Uniqlo boxer briefs. Here’s his conclusion:

Each and every detail, from the shaped front panel, to the snug fit, to the frictionless surface, to the (comparatively) dirt-cheap price, to the subtle appearance, to the quick-drying fabric, is exactly what I’ve been trying to find for a decade. I’ve gone through dozens of different options from all sorts of brands, big and small, and all of them have left me dissatisfied. But no longer.

If that ain’t a big thumbs up for Uniqlo, we don’t know what is. We now know the brand of underwear to buy especially because we will soon go on a roadtrip before the summer ends.