Trevor Noah Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards, Ethnicity

Trevor Noah Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards, Ethnicity. Hey, did you know that our Trevor has got himself a Primetime Emmy Award? We’ve been more interested in his shirtlessness and his girlfriends that we totally missed the fact that he won an Emmy trophy in 2017 for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series for its between-the-scenes look at The Daily Show. He and the show were also nominated for Outstanding Variety Talk but they still have to win that one.

trevor noah emmy award

Aside from his Primetime Emmy, our hunky TV host has also bagged an MTV Award for best host, a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, a GLAAD Media Award, several NAACP Image Awards and, most recently, a TV Academy Honor from Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which is the body that gives out the Emmys. Anyhoo, here’s Trevor and his MTV popcorn trophy.

trevor noah awards - best tv host mtv

On the girlfriend front, he may or may not be dating actress Minka Kelly. They reportedly broke up early this year but they reportedly got back together sometime mid-year.

trevor noah girlfriend minka kelly

Now, who’d have thunk that we’ll ever have a sighting of Trevor in his underoos? We saw it on his TV show too when he participated in a “pants off challenge” in response to Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles’ handstand challenge.

trevor noah underwear

And here are some shirtless photos of the hottest talk show host because why not, no?

trevor noah shirtless

trevor noah body

Trevor Noah Shirtless, Girlfriend, Parents, And Other Stuff. How hawt is Trevor Noah in his blue suit? He looks so chic, so dapper, and oh-so-shaggable. Trevor, for those of you Famewatchers who are not yet familiar with him, is a South African comedian slash actor/TV host/radio DJ who’s just been hired by the powers-that-be of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to be a contributor of the faux news show.

trevor noah fashion - blue suit - gq south africa

Trevor Noah Shirtless Photos. Okay, the next photos are for those of you who are less interested in the suit Trevor is wearing and are more interested in his shirtless pics. We grabbed these pics from his Instagram account. Ahh, to go yachting under the sun!

trevor noah shirtless

trevor noah body - shirtless

Too bad we can’t find any more Trevor Noah shirtless pics. Update: Hey, look. We did find two more Trevor Noah shirtless photos. Yay! The pics are not very clear but they still show us that he is in great shape! For more media hunks go check out our posts on Hot Media Men.

trevor noah naked

Trevor Noah shirtless photo with ex-girlfriend Dani Gabriel (see update below).

trevor noah shirtless vacay

Trevor Noah Gay or Straight? We hear our friend Kevin saying, “Sure he is cool and all but is he gay so I can include him in my shag list?” The answer to your question Kevin dear is, “Nope! So you can’t include him in your shag list.” Trevor Noah is straight and is taken to boot. He’s dating a girl named Dani Gabriel and here’s a picture of the couple which Trevor shared to his Instagram followers. They sure look good together, don’t they?

trevor noah girlfriend - Dani Gabriel

trevor noah hot - girlfriend dani

Update: Apparently, Noah and Dani broke up. He is now dating a girl named Jordyn. See our post on Trevor Noah Jordyn Taylor. Update to the update: Jordyn and Noah reportedly called it quits in 2019.

Trevor Noah’s Father and Mother. Trevor is a mixed-race guy with a Xhosa mom and a Swiss dad. In this Q&A with Emma Brown of Interview Magazine he tells us more about his family and childhood:

You impersonate quite a few different accents during your show, and you seem to be good at all of them. When did you discover this talent? Kind of my whole life. We’ve got so many different cultural groups in my family that I’ve had to learn to accommodate them in different ways. My father speaks different to my mum. My mum speaks different to my grandmother. Everybody speaks different, so you find you start tweaking your language to be more accessible to people. I also found, because I was always an outsider, that was one of the quickest ways to be accepted by peopleā€”to speak like them. Then they just immediately go, “Oh, I guess you’re more like me than I thought.”

You mentioned that you speak six of the 11 official languages of South Africa, and you’re learning German to better communicate with your father. When you speak German, do you have a South African accent?
No, I don’t. I genuinely had a very Hitler-ish accent when I spoke German; I spoke it with too much conviction. Then I found out I [sounded] distinctly Hitler-ish and that’s something that I’ve had to learn to change over time. But there are still moments where I say things that make German people go, “Oh, that makes me a bit uncomfortable.” But I don’t have a South African accent.

How did your parents meet? They met in a very underground sort of movement in South Africa during Apartheid. There were people who broke the rules and found ways to get around them, so they had little get-togethers. There were bars and clubs that were illegal in that they allowed people to mix and mingle with people of other races. That’s where they met. They just met in those circles and hit it off, I guess.

Did they ever consider moving to Switzerland? My mum never thought of it, which I still hold against her ’til this day. She just refused to move. She just never saw that, as an option because South Africa is her country. She wouldn’t give them the pleasure of having her leave, so she preferred to stay and be a thorn in the side of the authorities.

How old were you when Apartheid ended? When Apartheid was ended by the government, I was eight or nine. When it ended-ended I was about 13, 12. It was abolished by the government, but that didn’t end it overnight. It was sort of like slavery in the US; there was an announcement made, “Look, no more slavery,” but it didn’t mean the next day slaves were free. There was still a bit of a transition period.

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