Trevor Donovan Shirtless: Our Favorite Christmas Hunk

Trevor Donovan Shirtless: Our Favorite Christmas Hunk. Is Trevor Donovan the hottest Christmas hunk or what? We think he is! After all, he is classically good looking! He’s made a tradition of starring on Christmas movies every year (watch out for this year’s Nantucket Noel on the Hallmark Channel), he’s got the world’s best washboard abs, and he’s got a chill Instagram page — follow him @trevordonovan — where he occasionally posts shirtless photos for thirsty fans like our friend Kevin.

trevor donovan christmas hunk

Of course, because we know that you are just as thirsty as our friend, here are some of photos of the actor from his Insta as well as from other sources. We are tempted to include some saucy ones but we’re afraid Grandma Akita won’t approve.

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trevor donovan shirtless hunk

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trevor donovan young

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Trevor Donovan Girlfriend? He is rumored to have dated Kerry Kennedy and Paris Jackson but since none of the parties involved ever admitted their relationship, we’re gonna put that in the “just rumors” category. Sure, there are pics showing our Trevor being cozy with either Kerry or Paris but people can be cozy without being romantic, no? Anyhoo, to date, the only girl confirmed to have dated the actor is Sonia Rockwell.

trevor donovan girlfriend sonia rockwell

Trevor Donovan Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Workout Routine (23 March 2013). We’ve seen him go kissy kissy with Alan Ritchson — see Alan Ritchson Underwear Photos — which, naturally, led our friend Kevin to ask the “is Trevor Donovan gay in real life” question.

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The answer: He is straight. But he is one of the earliest celebrities to support the It Gets Better project of Dan Savage. Also he played an LGBT role with care and sensitivity on 90210. In an interview with The Advocate, here’s what he said about how he wanted to portray Teddy Montgomery:

We really wanted to tell the internal struggle, the coming-out story. That’s really important. How he deals with it internally and how his peers, his friends, family, how they also respond to it. Once we talked about how it was going to be written, I was very excited about it. Not only for me as an actor, but to shed some light on how difficult it can be. It’s been so good, and I’m so impressed with the writing staff and production. Everything has gone in the right direction.

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Trevor Donovan Workout. How did Trevor get his to die for six pack abs? By working out of course. From Men’s Health Magazine: “Actor Trevor Donovan’s workout philosophy is simple: Hit every major muscle group, every time. It’s a principle that he learned during a childhood spent skiing, mountain biking, and exploring the rugged terrain around Mammoth Lakes, California, and one that Hollywood’s fast track hasn’t been able to shake. Life, he realized early on, is a total body adventure, so why train any other way?”

Men’s Health adds: “His favorite workouts include a mix of cardio and strength training to maximize muscle gain and accelerate fat loss. And if he can avoid the gym altogether—as he does with the circuit below—all the better. Start with a light warm-up (Donovan prefers jogging, jumping rope, or rowing for 5 to 10 minutes), followed by stretching. Then run through the circuit, moving from one exercise to the next without rest. Once you’ve completed all four exercises, rest for one minute, and then begin the circuit again (do five total).”

And here’s a quote from Trevor about his workout: “Use your entire body and go non-stop. That way, your cardiovascular system and your muscles are always in overdrive.”

Trevor Donovan Shirtless and Underwear Modeling Photos. Here are some of our Hollywood hunks modeling photos. There are tons out there in the internets but we went for the more conservative ones to pass our Grandma Akita’s test. Haha.

trevor donovan boxers underwear

trevor donovan underwear model - jockey

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