Travis Van Winkle Young, Shirtless, Girlfriend

Travis Van Winkle Young, Shirtless, Girlfriend. Today in Celebrities in Speedo Swimsuits, we bring you this photo of Travis Van Winkle, Parker Gregory, Trevor Donovan, and another guy with the goddess that is Teri Hatcher. Anyone of you know the story behind this picture? Is it from a movie/TV set or something? We’ve done some IMDB clicking and it doesn’t look like these guys ever worked in a project together so maybe this is a modeling photoshoot? If you have some info, do send it our way.

travis van winkle speedo with Parker Gregory, Teri Hatcher, Trevor Donovan

Here’s another group photo featuring Teri and our Speedo-wearin’ men. Want more Male Celebrity Speedo?

male celebrity speedo - travis van winkle by stewart shining

Anyhoo, this post isn’t actually about celebrities rocking their swimsuits but, rather, it is about our newest imaginary beau Travis Van Winkle who we only discovered now while watching the ridiculous but totally engrossing drama You on Netflix. Travis appears on the third season of the show and we were like, “Damn! Where has that guy been hiding our whole lives?”

travis van winkle young 2008

It turns out that he’s actually been in the biz since 2004 when he appeared on the sketch comedy show MadTV as “Shirtless Hunk”. Since then, he’s starred in a total of 53 movies and TV shows including Veronica Mars, Hart of Dixie, Two And A Half Men, and The Last Ship where he played one of the main roles.

Now, you may not have heard of The Last Ship which aired for five seasons on TNT but it has a pretty good Rotten Tomatoes score of 83% fresh! Anyhoo, here’s Travis as Lt. Danny Green on The Last Ship.

travis van winkle the last ship

Oh, he was in the 2008 parody movie Meet the Spartans where he played the role of Sonio.

travis van winkle package in meet the spartans

Travis Van Winkle Underwear Photos. Turns out he is a fan of boxer briefs as you can see in the screencap from a YouTube video he shared on his Twitter account (follow him @tvdub on Twitter).

travis van winkle underwear

He also wears boxer shorts as you can see in this screencap from the 2011 horror movie 247°F…

travis van winkle underwear boxer shorts 247 degrees fahrenheit

… as well in this photoshoot.

travis van winkle underwear boxer shorts

Travis Van Winkle Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He went kissy-kissy with co-star Nick Roux in the 2014 comedy movie Mantervention and he plays a bi dude on You but is he gay, bi, or straight in real life? Actually, we do not know but we will update this post when we have the answers ASAP. At any rate, we know he is comfortable with his masculinity to point that he ain’t afraid to do girly things such as pretending that he is pregnant or getting intimate with Justin Baldoni.

travis van winkle gay or straight bellybump app

By the by, apparently, Travis, Justin, and another Travis, Travis Clark, created an app called the BellyBump with keeps track of pregnancies. Or something like that.

travis van winkle gay or straight - with justin baldoni

More shirtlessness from our Travis because why not!

travis van winkle shirtless body

travis van winkle young shirtless 2003

Our favorite photo of our newest imaginary boyfriend which we grabbed from his Insta account (follow him @travisvanwinkle).

travis van winkle sweatpants

From said post, he had this thing to say about he prepared for his role in You: “I play a bio-hacker/fitness entrepreneur (plus many more things you will find out when season 3 of @younetflix drops ;) So I set myself a goal to put on 10 lbs of muscle to fit the part. I knew professional help was needed, so I teamed up with Hollywood’s go-to-guy for muscle @grantrobertsfit and he created a plan for me.”

He adds: “I just spent 6 months of 5 days a week in my garage gym, one day of cardio per week, a dynamic nutrition plan, ((also, full transparency, a little mini-pump sesh right before this photo + zero water in my body for 24 hours + Carb load pancake breakfast)) and this is where I got to. I may not be @therock status, but at 38 i’m certainly in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in and I’m proud to share!!”

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