Travis Garland Shirtless Photos and Six-Pack Washboard Abs

Travis Garland Shirtless Photos and Six-Pack Washboard Abs. Who is Travis Garland and why should we care about him? Well, we should care about him because he looks great in his leather jacket. Isn’t that all that we care about in this blog? You know, cool guys in leather?

Anyhoo, Travis is a singer/songwriter/artist who is going to perform during the results nights of American Idol which could potentially propel him to superstardom. Cool for him, no?

What isn’t cool though is the fact that he is reportedly a protege of Perez Hilton, you know, the racist (he admits he wanted to shout the N word to the Black Eyed Peas’ Will I Am) and gay-hating gay blogger (he called Will I Am a faggot instead).

If we were Travis, we would drop Perez once we make it big in the biz. Seriously, that Perez is a poisonous snake who will bite victims when they’re not looking. He’s an internet bully and abuses children too. Travis baby, do you really want to associate yourself with the scum that is Mario Lavandeira?

Here’s some info about this cute dude who kinda reminds us of Enrique Iglesias.

His birthday is July 26, 1989.
Travis is Right Handed.
Travis is the youngest member of the NLT.
Travis has a gray patch on the back left side of his hair.
Travis’s general 3 influences are NLT members: Kevin, Justin (JJ), and V.
Travis’s musicial influences are Justin Timberlake, Brian McKnight, and Stevie Wonder.
Travis’s celebrity crush is Rihanna.
Travis’s favorite color is Green.
Travis’s favorite band is McFly.

You want more Travis Garland shirtless photos, don’t you? Well, here’s a portrait of our singer as a surfer dude.

travis garland shirtless surfer

Travis as a beach bum. He’s got washboard abs that’s likely to make all male singers envious. Make that all men, our friend Kevin is not a singer but he’s envious of Travis well-sculpted abs.

travis garland shirtless body beach

And we have more photos of our Travis looking fabulous in his leather jackets:

travis garland model

Shirtless in leather, why not?

travis garland shirtless in leather

We are liking his leather jacket but he should go to a better hairstylist. Hehe.

travis garland leather jacket

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