Torrance Coombs Shirtless, Hot in Suit, Wedding

Torrance Coombs Shirtless, Hot in Suit, Wedding. It is time for more hot men in suits and, for this post, we are bringing you Canadian hottie Torrance Coombs who sure is looking hawt, hawt, hawt in the following photos below.

A native of Vancouver, our 37-year-old hunk has, to date, starred in 29 movies and TV shows including The CW’s historical drama Reign (where he played an illegitimate son of Henry II), the ABC period drama Still Star Crossed (where he played a Count), and The Originals on The CW (where he played a chef).

Torrance Coombs hot men in suits

Want more hot men in suits?

Torrance Coombs hot men in suits2

Torrance Coombs hot men in suits3

Oh, he also played a prince on the Hallmark TV movie, Royally Ever After:

Torrance Coombs royally ever after

Looking cool and hawt as Sebastian “Bash” de Poitiers on Reign:

Torrance Coombs reign

Torrance Coombs Shirtless Photos. Here are some shirtless pics of our Canadian cutie for the thirsty hos among us here at Famewatcher. These ones are specially for our friend Deena who is a superfan of Reign as well as of the actor. Hehe.

Torrance Coombs shirtless beach

By the by, we grabbed this pics from the actor’s Instagram page. If you want more like these, you should follow Deena’s example and follow Torrance @torrancecoombs.

Torrance Coombs shirtless body

Nice chest hair you’re sporting there, Torrance!

Torrance Coombs shirtless chest hair

Torrance Coombs Gay or Straight? He is straight. He tied the knot with American model and beauty queen Alyssa Campanella in April 2016 but they divorced three years later. Anyhoo, here’s a photo from their wedding:

Torrance Coombs wedding wife Alyssa Campanella

Torrance appears to be becoming a Hallmark Hunk as one of his latest projects, the 2020 movie Romance in the Air, was also with the family-friendly channel. However, according to his IMDB profile, his latest project — which is currently on post-production is an upcoming thriller called Around Robin about a former teen celebrity who suffers from a condition called catalepsy.

He is one of the leads of the movie so Deena is sooo looking forward to watching it. There is no doubt she will be dragging us to watch it with her but that’s what friends are for, right?

Torrance Coombs young

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