Tony Goldwyn Shirtless + Underwear Photos

Tony Goldwyn Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Of course men in their 50s can be hot, hot, hotter than men in their 20s. Case in point: 53-year-old Tony Goldwyn is way hotter than our 28-year-old boyfriend.

tony goldwyn shirtless scandal as Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III

Sure our boyfriend is not an actor or a celebrity or one who depends on his looks to get a job but he has no excuse for his midsection. Hehe.

Surely, its not to much to ask your beau to have a body as “in-shape” as today’s Tony, right? It’s not as if we are asking him to have washboard abs as awesome as the actor’s sixpack in his younger, much hotter days (see below). We’re told that this image is from the blockbuster movie, Ghost, where he plays the bad scheming friend Carl Bruner.

tony goldwyn young - washboard abs2

Anyhoo, enough with our boyfriend-bashing, let’s just appreciate us some shirtless Tony Goldwyn. Here’s an autographed shirtless photo of the Scandal actor from several years back.

tony goldwyn young -shirtless chest hair

What brand of underwear does our Tony wear? Well, if you watch the video below, you’ll notice that he (or the character he plays in Scandal, President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III) wears Calvin Klein [at the 29 second mark] prompting other bloggers out there to describe him as a Calvin Klein male underwear model. Update: Sorry, video deleted.

What type of underwear does Tony prefer: boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or thongs? Can you imagine him in a thong? That would be awesome, no? Anyhoo, the next two photos show him in boxer shorts. First one is Tony from years back in the movie, Traces of Red.

Tony Goldwyn boxers or briefs underwear

Next pic is a very recent one from the TV show Scandal with mistress/adviser Olivia Pope.

tony goldwyn underwear - boxer shorts

Tony’s been in the biz since the 1980s but his star wattage really exploded these past year and a half when Scandal hit it big in the ratings game. Proof of his popularity now? He’s made it to the cover of an Indonesian magazine called Daman. If international mags are putting you on their cover, it means you’ve made it.

tony goldwyn hot fashion

Let’s end this post with this black and white photo of a hirsute Tony in a tub. Pretty cool, huh?

tony goldwyn hot hunk - chest hair

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