Tony Dovolani Shirtless Underwear Photos – Gay or Straight?

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Tony Dovolani Shirtless. Who wants to see a shirtless Tony Dovolani photo? We all want to, don’t we? You want to see a shirtless Tony Dovolani! Our friend Deena wants to see a shirtless Tony! Everybody wants to see Tony’s hunky body! Thankfully the internetz, like Oprah, is happy to oblige. Check out these shirtless pics of the Dancing With the Stars pro dancer.

Would you believe that this guy is now 41 years old? Is 40 the new 20? We can say so for Tony, no? The dude’s 41 with the body of a 25-year old! [Want to check out some older dudes who managed to stay cool and sexy? Go see our category on hot men in their 40s.]

Is Tony Dovolani gay or straight? The “lemme show you your chest” thing he’s doing with fellow DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is kinda gay, gay, gay but Tony is actually straight, straight, straight.

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Here’s Tony’s gaydar rating according to the denizens of

Tony Dovolani gaydar: According to 63 visitors Tony Dovolani is 38% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Tony Dovolani is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Tony Dovolani Relationship Status: Is Tony single or does he have a girlfriend? Nope and nope! He’s a very much married guy. He got hitched to wife Lina Dovolani back in 1999. The couple have three children: Luana and twins Adrian and Arian. Here’s a pic of the happy family:


By the by, did any of you know that Tony is originally from Albania? We thought he’s Italian-American because Dovolani kinda sounds Italian but we are dumb wrong. From Tony’s website (

Born in Prishtina, Kosova, Tony was proficient in Albanian folk dancing by age 3 and was inspired by watching Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly films as a kid. After immigrating to the United States as a political refugee from his native Kosovo, Tony trained at a Connecticut Fred Astaire dance studio and eventually became one of the most dominant competitive dancers in the country.

Tony Dovolani Body and Washboard Abs. Damn he’s effin’ fit! Are we the only ones dreaming about using his six-pack abs as our pillow? Haha! That Lina sure is a lucky girl.

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Tony Dovolani Underwear. Does Tony wear boxers or briefs? We know not! But we know that he likes him his Calvin Kleins. Are we the only ones wondering about what gem is hidden in them denim prison? Har! Har! Har!

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That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. For more DWTS hunks, go check out our post on new dance pro Keoikanse Keo.