Tom Welling Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, and Superman Suit

Tom Welling Underwear: White Briefs, Boxer Shorts, and His Superman Underwear As Outerwear. Here’s Superman hunk Tom Welling in what looks like a tighty whitie underwear. Too bad he isn’t posing like our imaginary boyfriend Michael Biserta, no? Who knows, maybe he’ll do so in the future.

tom welling underwear - tighty whitie briefs

By the way, please tell me us not the only ones wishing we’re that girl in the pic :-)

Tom Welling Underwear as Outerwear: Superman Suit. Because we can’t find any more Tom Welling underwear photos, we have to settle with his underwear-as-outerwear stuff. Come to think of it, this current female celebrity trend of wearing one’s underwear as outerwear actually started from Superman himself. How cool is that?

superman underwear as outerwear - tom welling

Tom Welling Underwear Update. We have more Tom Welling underwear photos for you. You saw him earlier in his tighty whitie underwear, now here’s our Tom wearing a pair of blue boxer shorts underwear.

tom welling underwear boxer shorts

Now that’s a lucky girl.

Tom Welling smallville underwear - boxers

It must hurt to be tied up like that, no?

Tom Welling showing underwear

Ahh, Tom! Do you need help getting THAT down? We’d be more than happy to help. Hehe.

Tom Welling Shirtless Photos (published 20 December 2008). Ahh, Tom Welling. Isn’t he the cutest? No wonder a lot of girls and gay guys are drooling over him. Some even go to the extent of photoshopping fake photos of Tom. See them here. But not while you are at work. [Update: Links no longer work. Sorry, we were asked to remove them.]

Tom Welling Photo of the Day (published 01 December 2008). Isn’t Tom Welling the cutest? I love Brad Pitt but I think Tom Welling is cuter than him hehe. There’s no doubt of course that Tom W is much much cuter than that other Tom, i.e., that whack job Scientologist.

Fly, baby, fly. Fly up to the sky. But don’t forget to fly, back again to me.

tom welling underwear boxers or briefs

Tom Welling Underwear first posted 1 December 2008. Latest update on 20 February 2017.