Tom Welling Smallville Leather Jacket: Clark Kent Fashion Style

Tom Welling Smallville Leather Jacket: Clark Kent Fashion Style. Let’s have more male celebrity leather jacket and, this time, let’s check out the leather jackets of Clark Kent (played by the uber-handsome Tom Welling) in Smallville.

Here are some still photos of Clark/Tom wearing a cool black leather jacket from the 6th season (Combat episode) of the top-rating, Emmy Award-winning show.

Tom Welling Smallville Leather Jacket

From the back. Want more men’s leather jackets? Check out our post on Mens Winter Leather Jackets.


schott nyc smallville leather jacket

The above leather jacket is reportedly made by Schott NYC, an American apparel company based in New York. Established in 1913, Schott NYC has made some iconic leather jackets particularly the Perfecto which was worn by Hollywood royalty like the James Dean and Marlon Brando (in his 1953 movie, The Wild One). Oh wait, Elvis Presley also wore a Perfecto Schott leather jacket in in his 1957 film Jailhouse Rock).

But let’s get back to Clark Kent’s Smallville leather jackets, shall we? Hehe. We almost forgot the title of this post. Anyhoo, here’s another leather jacket seen in Smallville (Season 10, Booster and Masquerade episodes).

Now, the Schott Perfecto leather jacket above is pretty cool but we must say that this Superman red leather jacket is kinda badass. It goes without saying that this fab jacket to our “List of Things to Buy if we Have the Money to Spend.” [Want more red leather jackets? Check out Brad Pitt’s Fight Club Leather Jacket.]

tom welling oceandrive leather jacket

Who made this leather jacket? We’re told its made by a Vancouver-based company called Oceanside. Oh wait, it’s actually Oceandrive not Oceanside.

It’s a fairly new company (established 1998) and they make “leather jackets, pants, vests and shirts made to measure”. Apparently, Oceandrive is more into bespoke rather than mass production so those of you looking for a jacket like the one below may have to settle for replicas.

Finally, the next jacket Tom Welling is wearing below in the scene below is not made of leather but since we are talking about his Smallville jackets, we might as well include it here.

tom welling smallville jcrew jacket

The jacket, for those of you who are jacket fanatics, is a J Crew Utility Jacket.

Tom Welling Smallville Leather Jacket: Clark Kent Fashion Style. Posted 30 June 2012.