Tom Sussi Hair Transplant: Fox 28 TV Journalist – Before and After

Tom Sussi Hair Transplant. Let’s add Ohio journalist Tom Sussi to our list of celebrities who had undergone hair transplants. Check him out with his obviously receding hairline.

tom sussi hair transplant5

And here’s another one where the receding hairline is not too prominent but is still kinda obvious.

tom sussi hair transplant - before and after2

Anyhoo, unlike other celebrities where we are left to speculate whether he did or did not have a hair transplant procedure, the investigative TV reporter has come out in the open admitting that he had some help in the “lemme have more hair” department.


Men including Fox 28’s Tom Sussi, who’s coming clean about his hair. “I had a hair transplant done last August and the reason I had it done is very simple,” said Sussi, “I was losing my hair!”

Sussi says he started his career with a magnificent mane, but over the years, the follicles started falling. “It was receding to the point where I couldn’t do anything with my hair every morning, and I realize I would look a lot better with hair then without hair.”

Sussi says he’s pleased with his decision.

“I feel better about my on-air look. It hasn’t really affected my confidence, it’s just that I like what I see more. I like having hair.”

Good for Tom for undergoing a hair transplant procedure to improve the way he looks. Here’s a more recent photo which must have been taken after his August 2014 surgery. It’s worth noting that he didn’t go all out with his hair transplant because his wide “Tyra Banks-like” forehead is still pretty noticeable. Hehe.

We actually like the fact that the change is pretty subtle and the result is pretty good.

tom sussi hair transplant - before and after3

Given how technology has made hair transplant surgeries more safe and more affordable, it’s no surprise that more and more men are considering the procedure.

Says Dr. John Frank, a hair restoration surgeon at OSU Wexner Medical Center (via

People come to me for an issue whether it’s job-related, socially, spouse related. People just say doc, I’m just vain! The “me” culture and the “esthetic” appearance culture and plastic surgery in reality television etc…it’s becoming apparent that the stigma of having plastic surgery is fading away. I can’t get the hair you had when you were in 10th grade. But if I know what you’re trying to accomplish, I’ll tell you what I can do and then we’ll decide if it’s the right thing.

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