Tom Rockliff Salary, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Tom Rockliff Speedo. And here’s the Rockstar in his Speedo swimsuit. [We grabbed this pic, as well as the video above, from Tom’s Instagram account. Follow him at @rock38.]

tom rockliff speedo

More On Tom Rockliff’s Girlfriend. For the curious among us, Fox Sports has more details on how Tom and his girlfriend hooked up:

CHANNEL Nine’s glamorous rugby league personality Erin Molan has fallen in love with a footy player after meeting via Twitter. The 30-year-old recently began dating Brisbane Lions vice captain Tom Rockliff.

It all started when the AFL star tweeted a screen shot of Molan from the Footy Show’s wrecking ball ad. Some cyber banter followed and the pair eventually caught up.

Although Molan is reluctant to discuss the relationship, “it’s early days” we’re told, the long-distance separation has not been a problem. She has been spotted flying to Brisbane on Sunday nights to spend her days off in the Sunshine State.

Here’s a picture of Erin doing her own version of the “O” face.

tom rockliff girlfriend erin molan

Haha. No contest, Erin has nothing on her boyfriend when it comes to making an “O” face.