Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale: 50% Off Discount

Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale: Those who are you who are fans of Tom Ford sunglasses who want to look as “cool” as Brad Pitt in the photo above might want to check out The Outnet store because it is offering pretty big discounts for its aviator-style Tom Ford Sunglasses. Brad must really love him his Tom Ford glasses because he’s been spotted several times wearing them, go check an earlier post we wrote a few years back: Tom Ford Pablo Sunglasses on Brad Pitt.


But let’s go back to the discounts because we know you are, and should be, more interested in them. How big are the discounts? How much will you save in this sale? You will save anywhere from 55% to 59% off from the original price. Your savings, in dollar terms, would be anywhere from $195 to $245 dollars which you can use to buy other things such as, well, another Tom Ford sunglasses, like the pair the big man himself is wearing in the next photo below.


How cool is Tom Ford wearing his Tom Fords? Doesn’t he look like Jonny Lee Miller aka Sherlock Holmes in CBS’s Elementary?

But let’s be more specific, you can buy this Tate aviator-style sunglasses for only $179 dollars from its original price of $415 which gives you a savings total of $245. If that ain’t a good deal, we don’t know what is.

tom ford tate aviator style sunglasses discount savings2

Meanwhile, for this Jasper aviator-style acetate sunglasses, you can save $195 as it is now on sale for $159.75 from its original price of $355.

tom ford jasper aviator sunglasses sale - discounted - savings in 2014

Which of the above Tom Ford sunglasses do you prefer, the Tate or the Jasper? We’re more partial to the Tate one but that’s just us. Anyhoo, as we mentioned earlier, maybe you can buy both with the savings you can have given the discounts. Other items are also on sale so don’t think your choices are limited between these two.

Question: How do the above discounted prices compare to the current sunglasses being sold on the main Tom Ford online store? We looked and Tom Ford’s current inventory of aviator style sunglasses range from $320 to $475. Want more Tom Ford Fashion?

Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale: 50% Off Discount. First posted 27 July 2014. Last updated: November 17, 2019 at 3:26 am.