Tom Ford James Bond 007 Aviator Sunglasses on Chace Crawford

Tom Ford James Bond 007 Aviator Sunglasses on Chace Crawford. Look who’s wearing a James Bond 007 sunglasses by Tom Ford? It’s pretty boy Chace Crawford who, according to gossip mongers, recently tried but failed to catch the eye of a very leggy waitress.

Tom Ford James Bond 007 Aviator Sunglasses

Maybe he wasn’t wearing his James Bond glasses? Hehe.

From Showbiz Spy: “The actor apparently spent hours Sunday night trying to get a sexy waitress at GoldBar to notice him — but he failed miserably! ‘It was pretty funny,’ a source told New York Post gossip column Page Six. ‘He was like a schoolboy looking to give the teacher an apple.’ Aww. It just goes to show that people can be pretty and famous and all but they can’t have everything they want in life.”

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More Celebrities Wearing Tom Ford James Bond 007 Sunglasses
06 October 2011

Aside from Chace Crawford, other famous actors spotted with a Tom Ford James Bond eyewear indlude: Jason Statham, Marc Anthony, and Daniel Craig or James Bond himself.

Here’s Jason enjoying coffee with his Mean Machine co-star, English footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.

Tom Ford James Bond 007 Aviator Sunglasses jason statham

Marc Anthony is snapped with his James Bond 007 sunglasses during happier times with former wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Lastly, here’s British actor Daniel Craig looking good in his Tom Ford glasses specifically designed by Tom Ford himself for James Bond in Quantum of Solace.

So which of the above Hollywood celebrities rock their Tom Ford sunglasses the best?