Tom Cruise Watches: Rolex, IWC, Bremont & Anonimo San Marco

Tom Cruise Watch Collection: Hollywood A-Lister Tom Cruise may be kooky and all but there is no denying that the guy knows how to pick his watches. You can’t say he doesn’t have great taste when it comes to his timepieces. Let’s check out Tom Cruise’s watch collection, shall we?

tom cruise watch rolex

Rolex Datejust: What brand of watch is Tom wearing in the photo above? Well, Katie Holmes’ husband apparently loves him his Rolex Datejust which, incidentally, is also the watch of choice for some A-List celebrities like NBC news anchor Brian Williams as well as Ari Emmanuel and Orlando Bloom. Here’s a more detailed look at Tom and his Datejust.

tom cruise rolex

Bremont Ingenieur Automatic Vintage Watch: Aside from Rolex Datejust, Tom Cruise also wears a Bremont Bremont Ingenieur Automatic Vintage watch. For other male celebrities wearing Bremont, check out Bear Grylls’s Bremont ALT1-P Watch.

tom cruise bremont watch

IWC Schaffhausen Watch: The Mission Impossible star, seen here with his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, is wearing an IWC Ingenieur Automatic Vintage Watch made by the Swiss IWC watch company in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

tom cruise watch iwc

Anonimo San Marco Watch: Anonimo Firenze is an Italian watchmaker which could be considered a baby in the watchmaking industry. It was only established in 1997 so it’s surprising that the likes of Tom Cruise, seen here with an Anonimo San Marco watch, are liking the brand enough to wear it.

tom cruise watch

Tom Cruise Watch Collection: Rolex, IWC, Bremont, Anonimo San Marco. Posted 28 July 2010. Updated 30 May 2017.