Tom Cruise Shirtless: Young and Old, Then and Now Photos

Tom Cruise Shirtless. Is the Hollywood superstar doing a lot of body waxing or is his body simply naturally smooth? Here’s Tom looking totally “body hair free” in his younger days up there.

young tom cruise shirtless

And here’s a recent beach picture of Tommy. Either he’s naturally “hair free” or he might have spent a fortune for years on body hair removal procedures. What do you think? For a man in his mid-40s, Tom sure looks good isn’t he?

tom cruise shirtless

Want More Tom Cruise Shirtless Photos (05 April 2012). As we mentioned in our earlier post, Tom is looking good for a man in his middle age. He’s 49 years old (and will turn 50 in July 3) but he’s in pretty good shape if we judge his recent photos whether taken by the enterprising papz or those coming from official channels like the producers for his upcoming movie, Rock of Ages. Check out his shirtless photo as Stacee Jaxx the musical/comedy/drama slated for release this coming June.

tom cruise shirtless

And here’s a still photo from the city of Prague in the Czech Republic where Tom filmed his latest blockbuster hit, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. [It’s a cool movie, that one.]

tom cruise shirtless oldster

Then here are some paparazzi photos of the Hollywood superstar. The first one is a papz pic from Florida where our Tommy (perhaps still in character as Stacee Jaxx) reportedly karaoke’d for his fans.

tom cruise no shirt

And here’s another shirtless pic of Tom in the swimming pool. The pic answers our question whether he’s totally free of body hair: No, he’s not!

tom cruise shirtless old

Now, let’s check out some shirtless photos of Tom Cruise when he was younger. These photos are from ten years ago and were taken for Vanity Fair Magazine back when he was 39 years old. Okay, that’s still middle age, right?

tom cruise shirtless vanity fair

Yay, a Tom Cruise shirtless photo on the cover and the pages of Vanity Fair.

young tom cruise shirtless vanity fair

Our friend Deena says that these Vanity Fair images are her favorite Tom Cruise shirtless pics ever.

Okay, here are some really young shirtless photos of our Tommy boy which dates back to as far as the 1980s. The first one is from Risky Business his 1983 movie which mean he was like 21 years old at the time.

tom cruise shirtless risky business

And here’s another one taken three years in 1986. It’s from the movie that made Tom Cruise a big star: Top Gun.

tom cruise shirtless top gun

And finally, here’s one from Eyes Wide Shut. Well, okay, this is from 1999 which means Tom is already in his 30s which may not be young to some of you. Hehe. Want more shirtless male celebrities? Go check out our post on Gilles Marini Shirtless.

tom cruise shirtless eyes wide shut

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