Tom Cruise Underwear: Top Gun, Magnolia, Risky Business

Tom Cruise Underwear. Look who’s wearing some tighty whitie underwear? It’s Hollywood superstar weirdo Tom Cruise back in them days when he was a hot guy.

tom cruise underwear briefs

Okay, we got to admit that we are not quite sure if the above photo is real or photoshopped but the images below are 100% real. In fact, they are from the 1999 movie Magnolia where he plays the role of a motivational speaker peddling a pick-up artist course to men.

All we gotta say is, to quote our favorite Survivor contestant, “dot, dot, dot….. hmmmmm”!

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Tom Cruise Shirtless: Young and Old, Then and Now Photos

Tom Cruise Shirtless. Is the Hollywood superstar doing a lot of body waxing or is his body simply naturally smooth? Here’s Tom looking totally “body hair free” in his younger days up there.

young tom cruise shirtless

And here’s a recent beach picture of Tommy. Either he’s naturally “hair free” or he might have spent a fortune for years on body hair removal procedures. What do you think?

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Mens Running Shorts: Tom Cruise Hollywood Workout

Mens Running Shorts: Tom Cruise Hollywood Workout. Dressed in his black running shorts, celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise goes a-running with his wife Katie Holmes. This is probably the first time ever we see the actor doing some physical exercise stuff. He is obviously trying to beat the coming beer belly, which is every celebrity’s Enemy Number One as they grow older.

mens running shorts tom cruise celebrity workout

If Tom keeps running, he won’t be needing them men’s body slimming shirt which are designed to hide the bulging midsection.

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Tom Cruise Closet Secret: Elevator Shoes?

Tom Cruise Closet Secret: Elevator Shoes? Remember the hilarious South Park episode which focused on Tom Cruise hiding in the closet? Despite the encouragement of his fellow Scientologist John Travolta as well as his ex-wife Nicole Kidman to come out of the closet, Tom adamantly refused to do so. In fact, if we remember correctly, he decided to stay hidden in the closet until the second coming of Xenu.

Everyone assumed that the show was about Tom’s homosexuality but the Mens Shoe Style blog asserts that the only thing the Hollywood actor is hiding in the closet is his elevator shoes because, you know, Tom is actually 5’7″ tall pretending to be 6’1″. That’s why he doesn’t want other people to be peeking at his closet lest they see the Hollywood star’s elevator shoes which, according to rumors started by us, is specially designed by Christian Loubotin. [That Loubotin thing is a joke, please don’t sue us.]


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