Tom Brokaw Young, Wife, Wedding, Awards

Tom Brokaw Young, Wife, Wedding, Awards. Did you know that TV media icon Tom Brokaw was some kind of a sports jock when he was in high school? As you can see in the photos below, he played basketball and football which to us who know nothing about sports, is the mark of “jockness”.

Oh, he was also not the studious type in college as he dropped out from the University of Iowa after he failed to keep up with his studies because he was more interested in beer and girls. He did eventually got himself a political science degree from the University of South Dakota.

Here’s Brokaw as a football jock.

tom brokaw young football hunk

And check him rocking his basketball short shorts.

tom brokaw young high school basketball player

He was a member of the Yankton high school track team too.

tom brokaw young - yankton high school track team

This non-academically inclined young man grew up to become our professorial uncle on TV who went on to interview Presidents in their libraries.

tom brokaw young high school stud

Brokaw as a college student majoring in political science at the University of South Dakota.

tom brokaw young college stud - university of south dakota ba in poli sci

Before the rest of the United States “discovered” him on network news, he did some reporting gigs in local media markets. Here hs is as a KMTV reporter in Omaha, Nebraska.

tom brokaw kmtv reporter omaha nebraska

Tom as KNBC news anchor and NBC West Coast correspondent.

tom brokaw as knbc anchor and nbc west coast correspondent

For those of you looking for a smoking hot photo of the broadcast TV icon.

tom brokaw smoking hot

With former President Gerald Ford.

tom brokaw 1970s - white house correspondent with pres gerald ford

Lording in over the Nightly News studio and living rooms across the country.

tom brokaw nightly news

For his many accomplishments in broadcast journalism, Tom was given the Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. Of course, he also boasts of several regular competitive Emmy journalism trophies. Oh, he’s got a Peabody Award too which is probably the most legit award ever given for media practitioners.

tom brokaw emmy award 2004 - lifetime achievement

For those of you wondering, Brokaw is married to wife Meredith Lynn Auld. They tied the knot in 1962 and are parents to three children.

tom brokaw wedding - wife Meredith Lynn Auld - 1962

They’ve been together through all these years!

tom brokaw wife Meredith Lynn Auld

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