Todd Grinnell Shirtless, Young, Wife, Wedding

Todd Grinnell Shirtless, Young, Wife, Wedding. Today in Hot Canadian Men, we bring you Todd Grinnell and his lumberjack hunkiness. Oh wait, Todd is not actually Canadian, he just plays one on the TV sitcom One Day at a Time. We were actually surprised to discover that the actor who plays Schneider aka The Rich Canadian Landlord With No Sense of Private Space or Boundaries was actually born in Massachusetts. Anyhoo, here are shirtless photos of His Hirsuteness from the show:

Todd Grinnell shirtless in one day at a time3

Todd Grinnell shirtless in paradise cove

Todd Grinnell Gay or Straight? Kevin and yours truly debated whether the 46-year-old actor is a friend of Dorothy and, well, yours truly won. Todd is straight but is, no doubt, an ally to LGBT folks. He is also very much married to wife India de Beaufort. Here’s a photo from their wedding:

Todd Grinnell wedding with wife India de Beaufort

According to wiki, Mrs. Grinnell is also in the biz being a singer and an actress. Oh wait, she actually played a recurring role as Schneider’s girlfriend in One Day at a Time! Anyhoo, India is British who has some roots in, you guessed it, India the country.

Todd Grinnell wife India de Beaufort

Todd Grinnell Young. Here are some pics of the actor when he was younger. The first one is from the 2006 TV series Four Kings while the next one is also from 2006 with Josh Cooke. He looked so young and innocent, doesn’t he?

Todd Grinnell young 2006 in four kings

Todd Grinnell with josh cook Robot Chicken 2006

Todd Grinnell young

Wait, there’s more shirtless pics of Schneider from One Day at a Time.

Todd Grinnell shirtless in one day at a time2

Todd Grinnell shirtless in one day at a time

Though ODAAT has been canceled by both Netflix and Pop TV, you can still catch the actor in his other acting projects. For instance, check him out in the movie The Time Capsule where he plays the lead character, a married politician who’s still in love with his girlfriend who went to space. He also one of the main characters in the Amazon Prime rom-com, With Love. Go check it out.

Todd Grinnell hot in tuxedo

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