Titus Burgess Gay or Straight? Boyfriend in Real Life?

Titus Burgess Gay or Straight? Is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Titus Burgess gay in real life or is he just a real good actor who can convince everyone and their mama that he is gay?

Well, he is actually gay IRL and his really funny character — Titus Andromedon — is actually based on him. We think we read that somewhere. Or, hmmm, okay maybe that’s not correct. Or was the character created with him in mind to play it?

Anyhoo, as we were saying, Titus is gay in real life and was gay before he signed on to play his biggest and most popular role to date — the struggling, unemployed, but fabulous Titus Andromedon.

Titus Burgess Boyfriend? Is he in a relationship? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Does Titus Burgess have a boyfriend?

Yes he does! In this interview with Wendy Williams he tells us that he does have a boyfriend, that they are living together, and that they have been an item in the past four years. Well, congratulations to them!

Update on the Titus Burgess Gay Boyfriend (via gaycitynews):

Tituss Burgess also met his boyfriend in the nabe, in the coveted window seat at my favorite, the Ninth Avenue Saloon, one of the few civilized gay bars where you can actually have a conversation and not be reduced to a screaming maniac over house music.

“He’s Latino and not in show business, thank God,” Burgess told me. “He didn’t even know what I had done.”

We can’t find a photo of Titus’ boyfriend but here’s a pic of his boyfriend on UKS, the adorable and hunky Mike Carlsen.

titus burgess gay boyfriend

Now, there’s no way we do a post on these Kimmy Schmidt Sweaters without talking about her roommate’s fabulous kimono, right? So check it out:

male celebrity kimono - titus burgess on kimmy - natori black pccadilly robe

For those who are wondering, Titus kimono is a Black Piccadilly Robe by Natori.

Update: Yup, Titus Andromedon was created by Tina Fey with Titus Burgess in mind to play it. Here’s what Titus says in this interview with out.com:

About a year ago, my manager texted me and said, “Would you like to talk to Tina Fey?” She sent me a screenshot of the [character] breakdown that comes to agents and managers from casting directors. It said, “In the role of Titus…” And I thought, “Oh my God, either this is a really cruel joke or Tina Fey has written something for me.” I went to audition, and she told me later it was written with me in mind. She’s my fairy godmother. The fact that she was even thinking about me in the interim just blows my mind. I feel so lucky—she’s such a delicious teacher and such a wonderful collaborator.

If that ain’t the coolest we don’t know what is.