Tim Robards Shirtless in Speedo: The Bachelor Australia

Tim Robards Shirtless in Speedo: The Bachelor Australia. Is Tim Robards the sexiest, hottest, hunkiest, handsomest, and greatest Bachelor in the history of ever? Tim Robards, for those of us who don’t live Down Under and therefore don’t watch Aussie TV, stars in the first edition of The Bachelor in Australia’s Network Ten.

He is arguably one of the biggest reality-TV stars in Aussielandia these days but he has a global appeal such that the guys at Buzzfeed are calling him “The Hottest Bachelor To Ever Exist” and that he is “the hottest man ever to be on a series of The Bachelor anywhere in the world”.

Tim Robards - sexy aussie hunk

We get their point when we gaze at Tims amazing photos but, for us here at Famewatcher, the hottest Bachelor title still belongs to Andy Baldwin, the navy doctor who captured our hearts in Season 10 — see him as our Navy Hottie.

Anyhoo, let’s go back to appreciating the gorgeousness of Tim Hobards. Before he signed up to be the Ultimate Beefcake on Australian television, our 30-year-old hunk reportedly did some modeling for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Aussiebum, DNA Magazine, etc. Here are some of his modeling photos:

Rocking his 2xist briefs underwear.

Tim Robards - bikini underwear 2xist

Hello, sailor, wanna have some fun?

Tim Robards - gay sailor

Flaunting his perfect beach body on the cover of Mens Health Magazine. If our boyfriend has a body like that, we won’t mind it if he flaunts his body as well. Hehe.

Tim Robards shirtless bachelor australia

Hmmm, that swimsuit is beyond Ugly Fugly but not a lot of us will notice it because we’re pretty sure we’ll be drawn to Tim’s prettiness.

Tim Robards - floral print swimsuit

Tight and shorty beach shorts is the way to go.

Tim Robards - sexy beach shorts tight

The very first picture we uploaded above in the beginning of this post reminds us of Daniel Craig in one of his James Bond movies (his first, if we are not mistaken). The next picture below reminds us of Richard Gere. Do you also see a resemblance?

Tim Robards shirtless in swimsuit

Tim in what appears to be a swimsuit by Aussiebum.

Tim Robards aussiebum swimwear for men

As the main star of The Bachelor Australia, Tim Robards will be searching for his lady-love among 25 girls who will be competing for his attention. Will he find The One? We sure hope he does. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend — a girl named Coby Connell — dumped him and broke his heart. We hope that his participation in The Bachelor will serve as a stepping stone to healing a broken heart and that his search for love in a reality show will be fruitful.

Tim Robards Shirtless in Speedo: The Bachelor Australia. Posted 5 October 2013.