Tight Jeans for Men: Male Models and Celebrities

Tight Jeans For Men: Celebrity Edition – Update. We are updating this post to bring you more famous male celebrities who love them some tight jeans. Did you know that tight jeans ain’t a barrier from doing high kicks? Check out action superstar Jean Claude Van Damme outkicking you despite his tight jeans.

tight jeans for men - jean claude van damme

Who says country hunks do not wear tight pants? Certainly not country music star Luke Bryan and his skinny tight jeans.

tight jeans for men - luke bryan - diesel jeans

We are actually loving Jude Law’s ensemble below. Looks like tight jeans and red shoes are a good combination, no?

tight jeans for men - jude law

Kirk Norcross. Damn, don’t he look hot in them really tight jeans.

tight jeans for men - kirk norcross

So do you have a favorite celebrity tight jeans for men?

Designer Tight Jeans For Men: Conan O’Brien (15 December 2010). Oh wait, maybe we spoke too soon. Some men apparently love them their jeggings. We’re looking at you Conan O’Brien.

jeggings for men conan obrien

Says Conan of his fashion “adventure” with them jeggings: “Tonight I wore jeggings while interviewing the Kardashians. I’m never taking them off. You can pry them from my cold, Irish legs.”

It is that comfortable, huh?

Anyhoo, those of you who now think that jeggings for men are in fashion (If Conan can wear it, why can’t you, right?) have pretty good choices to pick from because top designers are coming out with men’s jeggings right, left, and center.

Here’s a pair from Frankie Morello. We actually love this one. In fact, if we’re ever going to buy our boyfriend a pair of men’s jeggings, it will probably be this Frankie Morello one.

designer tight jeans for men frankie morello

A pair or red jeggings for men created by the designers of Versace fashion house. It looks pretty good, actually.

Men’s jeggings by John Varvatos.

john varvatos jeggings tight pants for men

From the chic British label, Burberry Prorsum.

burberry prorsum designer tight jeans for men

And last but not the least, here’s one from the Italian label, Trussardi 1911.

trussardi tight jeans for men

Tight Jeans For Men: Jeggings at the 2010 Milan Fashion Show (1 July 2010). Real men don’t wear no jeggings = jeans + leggings but this fact hasn’t stopped ridiculous fashion designers from dressing their male models with their silly outfits.

jeggings tight jeans for men

Which would you buy, red jeggings or black ones. Or you are more a fan of mens bootcut jeans?

jeggings for men

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