Thomas Combezou: French Rugby Player, Dieux du Stade Model

Thomas Combezou Dieux du Stade. We had to delete some of the Dieux du Stade photos of our beautiful rugby player because we gotta be sensitive to our Grandma Akita’s blood pressure. Hehe. We don’t want her hypertension to get worse because of over-excitement. But here our some pics of our Thomas which are just as lovely:

Thomas Combezou dieux du stade calendar2

So how is Thomas doing ten years after our original post on him? Is he still a rugby player? Does he have a girlfriend? Or is he married now? Questions! Questions. Okay, we’ll try to answer them based on our internet sleuthing which means we are not 100% sure that our answers are correct.

As to whether he is still a rugby player, yes he is still playing rugby at the professional level. Apparently, he is now with Castres Olympique which is competing in the top level of the French National Rugby League.

Thomas Combezou dieux du stade calendar

As for his relationship status, it looks like he is very much in a relationship and that he and his partner have a child together. This is what we gathered anyway from his postings on his Instagram account which you might want to follow @zouzouco19.

Thomas Combezou Models for Dieux du Stade (18 December 2009). Thomas Combezou is a French rugby player who’s been featured in the various editions of the uber-famous Dieux du Stade Men’s Calendar. Here’s what the French wiki says about this hunky rugby star:

Combezou Thomas, born January 26 1987 in Tulle (Corr├Ęze), is a player of rugby French changing the position of center in the size of the ASM Clermont Auvergne. There is great hope in France team Rugby

Wikipedia also states that Thomas is a finalist of France Championship (2007 and 2008 with Clermont) and a winner of the European Challenge in 2007.

Thomas Combezou dieux du stade calendar - hot

Here are some pics from his 2010 photo-shoot. However, his most awesome pic would be from the 2008 edition which you can find below.

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