Thom Evans Shirtless, Budgy Smuggler, and Adidas Swim Shorts

Thom Evans Shirtless and Speedo Update: He’s Engaged To Nicole Scherzinger! If there’s a male celebrity we can’t quit, it’s Scottish rugby hunk Thom Evans. We can’t quit him because he makes things interesting. Like, you know, he’s always posing in his Speedos or his underwear. And he’s always participating in reality shows Dancing With the Stars (oooops, we mean Strictly Come Dancing) and that Bear Grylls show where he walks around in the jungle shirtless.

thom evans underwear model

He also keeps things interesting in the relationship front because he is a bit of a heaux (sorry). Like, he’s dated lots of girls and was married to did you know that he’s now engaged to singer and TV-talent judge Nicole Scherzinger? Yup, the two are an item and are bound for the altar. Yay!

thom evans nicole scherzinger engagement

thom evans girlfriend fiancee nicole

Anyhoo, here are Speedo and underwear photos of the man we can’t quit. He is our forever imaginary beau is all we’re saying. Haha.

thomas evans bikini speedo - gigolo joe by d hedral

thom evans speedo swimsuit

thom evans speedo

thom evans underwear - polo ralph lauren

thomas evans underwear model - mainstay

Thom Evans Shirtless, Budgy Smuggler, and Adidas Swim Shorts (12 July 2012). It’s summer. So there is no shortage of men in short shorts. Yay! Here’s the retired rugby hunk (ain’t it a little sad to be retired at 27 years old?) with girlfriend Kelly Brook. The two are vacationing at the Italian island of Ischia where a Global Film Festival is being held which the happy couple are also attending.

thom evans shirtless beach shorts

Does Thom have a future as a photographer/director? Check him out below in one of the funniest pics we’ve seen ever ever. Nice stance, Thommy Boy.

thom evans shirtless

Other photos coming out from Thom and Kelly’s Ischia vacation is the delightful photo of Thom wearing a neon Budgy Smuggler swimsuit.

thom evans budgy smuggler swimsuit

If you are like our friend Deena you’d be going, “Are you sure that’s Thom and not just a random guy wearing a dayglo swimsuit?” Our answer would be the same as what we told Deena, “Of course we are sure! You think we’re so desperate to ogle at Thom’s Speedo photos that we’d make up shit?!!!! Here’s our proof, silly!!!”

Thom and his girlfriend.

thom evans speedo

For those of you who are wondering what Thom is doing these days ever since injuries forced him to retire, the Daily Record states that “he is now pursuing a new career on the track” whatever that means.Wikipedia tells us that he served as an analyst/commentator for ITV during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Those are interesting career choices we are happy that Thom’s doing these things. But maybe he should resurrect his boyband music career? FYI for those not in the know: Before he focused his energies on rugby, the Scottish cutie was a member of pop band Twen2y4Se7en and, according to wikipedia, “toured as a support act with McFly, Peter Andre and Westlife throughout 2004”.

Update on Thom’s career track on the tracks: A BBC news report says that he plans to compete in indoor races and is hoping he’d make it to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

From BBC: “At the moment I am simply gaining some race experience in the 60 metres,” he told the scottishathletics website. “It’s all new but I am enjoying that and the idea is to build some basic sprinting fitness. When I played there for Glasgow Rugby we used to do warm-ups in the Kelvin Hall in the winter so I am familiar with the arena and the track.”

We wish him luck in his new athletic endeavor but we really need a new British boyband that would displace those One Direction pretenders. Haha.

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