Thom Browne Leather Shoes for Men

Thom Browne Leather Shoes for Men. Although we blog about men’s wear and women’s wear and that kind of stuff, we must admit that we are not fans of the outlandish creations of fashion designers. Why, we wonder, do they make stuff that no one in their right mind is going to buy and wear?

Like this one, for instance. Why would a guy want to dress up as a polka-dotted dalmatian? Seriously?

What we like are designs that ordinary people will actually use. Like these black leather shoes by Thom Browne (he also created them polka dotted thingies above). They’re classy, chic, usable, and we’d totally buy a pair of Thom Brown leather shoes for our man.

thom browne leather shoes for men

thom browne leather shoes

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Celebrities Wearing Thom Browne Shoes (posted 12 November 2011). Who among the world’s famous people have been spotted wearing a pair of Thom Browne shoes? Well, we can only name one at the moment but there’s no doubt that there are other celebrities out there walking in their Thom Brownes.

Here’s Transformer star Shia La Beouf jumping in his Thom Browne shoes in this photoshoot for GQ Magazine. [For more of this guy’s fashion style, check out our post on Shia La Beouf’s Leather Jacket from his Wall Street movie.]

Nice picture, no? Too bad they cut off his other feet which is a no-no according to our Photography 101 professor.Too quote him: “You’re not a surgeon, don’t cut off people’s body parts!”

Let us add Wiz Khalifa to our group of celebrities spotted wearing a pair of Thom Brownes. According to Upscale Hype, the rapper wore an all Thom Browne ensemble — jacket, vest, shirt, pants, and boots — at the 2017 Met Gala. Nice!

celebrities wearing thom browne shoes - wiz khalifa

Thom Browne Leather Shoes for Men… And Celebrities Who Wear Them. Posted 20 September 2009. Last updated on 16 May 2017.