Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade Calendar Photos

Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade, Shirtless, Underwear Models. So how’s our favorite rugby-playing brothers doing more than a decade after we blogged about their Dieux du Stade photos? Well, they’ve now both retired from rugby. As we noted in an earlier update below, Thom hang his boots back in 2010 following a neck injury sustained while playing for Scotland at the Six Nations Cup. For his part, Max retired in 2015 but still misses the game according to the Glasgow Times.

max and thom evans retirement of brothers

max and thom evans rugby hunks

When one door closes, another door could be nearby which you can open. This is the case for our rugby brothers who became true blue reality TV stars which is not surprising given their good looks and winsome personalities.

Given his early retirement at the young age of 24, Thom was the first to dip his shoes in the reality-TV front. Specifically, in 2014, he competed in the 12th edition of Strictly Come Dancing where he landed in 12th place. Subsequently, he participated in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls in 2016 and, three years later, he and his pals Levi Davis and Ben Foden competed in The X Factor: Celebrity as the singing trio Try Star. They were surprisingly good actually and we were bummed when they only landed in the semifinals.

Max appears to be not as active in reality-TV as his brother but he was a contestant in the 2017 Dancing on Ice and he made it all the way to third place.

On other fronts, Max is in a relationship with dancer Debora Casimiro with whom he has a baby girl who was born last year. Meanwhile, Thom is reportedly dating Nicole Scherzinger who he met while competing at the Celebrity X Factor.

Now, in the “who is the bigger down there” department, Max has gone revelatory on us and answered a question which some of you secretly wondered about.

Specifically, here’s what the Scottish Sun reported in 2020: “Rugby hunk Max Evans has revealed younger sibling Thom is the big brother — in the trouser department. Max, 37, made the cheeky revelation as he told of his love for Thom, 35. The Dancing on Ice star also claimed Thom is better looking than him but insisted there is no rivalry between them.”

We were skeptical at first because British tabloids (particularly The Sun group) have a reputation for making things up but the paper has a direct quote and here’s what Max supposedly said: “My brother is the love of my life and he’s very talented. It takes a lot for an older brother to accept his younger brother is taller, better looking and has a much bigger p***s, so I’ve accepted him.”

Bigger or not, we here at Famewatcher accept the both of you! Hehe. In ending these update, here are some underwear and shirtless photos of our favorite rugby bros. The first three are from the 2018 Celebrity Cup Gala Dinner:

max and thom evans underwear 2018 celebrity cup gala dinner

max and thom evans underwear 2018 celebrity cup gala dinner3

max and thom evans underwear 2018 celebrity cup gala dinner2

Are these two the hottest rugby brothers or what? And we’re not only talking about their god-given gorgeousness; there’s just something about their happy photos that make us smile. They embody, what do the French call it, joie de vivre.

max and thom evans shirtless in kilt

max and thom evans shirtless photos

max and thom evans speedo beach wear

UPDATE: Thom Retires Due to Neck Injury, Max Soldiers On (29 June 2011). Damn, there will no longer be Thom and Max playing for Scotland. Because of a serious neck injury he incurred during a Six Nations game against Wales last 13 February 2010, our Thom decided to call it a day following the advice of his doctors who found that “that his cervical vertebrae had been knocked so badly out of alignment that he was literally a millimetre from paralysis or death”.

We feel bad and sad for the guy. He retired while at the top of his game at 25 years old. What a tragic loss for the sport. Thom is in a relationship with English model, actress, and TV host Kelly Brook. Here are the lovebirds having fun in their undies – Thom in what looks like a white briefs underwear (or maybe that’s a white Speedo?) and Kelly in her leopard print one-piece swimsuit. Kelly got pregnant three months into their relationship but lost the baby due to a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Max Evans continue to play for Glasgow Warriors but announced last 14 February 2011 that he will be joining the French rugby union club, Castres Olympique. We believe that he will continue to have a successful rugby career with his new club.

Max also writes a column for Planet Rugby has this to say about his impending transfer: “I’m off to a new team at the end of the season too and I’m hugely excited about my move to France. I’ll be sad to leave Glasgow and I owe Sean Lineen a huge debt for giving me the stepping stones to get to where I am.”

The rugby hunk also revealed in said column that he has an American girlfriend but, sadly (for us) but good for him, didn’t reveal her name.

Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade Calendar Photos (3 November 2009). Scottish rugby stars Thom and Max Evans are hot and hunky but they are made to pose too close for comfort in the 2010 Dieux Du Stade calendar, no? Kinda intriguing but also kinda icky. But that’s just us.

thom and max evans dieux du stade calendar

thom and max evans shirtless dieux du stade

Anyhoo, we gotta give props to rugby players for always posing in some interesting photos to the delight of their fans. Check out Earl Sandor for instance. Or Dan Carter in his Jockey Underwear. Or Paul Sackey and company.

Update: Here are more Thom and Max Evans Dieux du Stade modeling photos. Who is the hotter brother? Or do you agree with our friend Deena that both are equally hot and shaggable and worth bringing home to mama.

thom and max evans diuex du stade2

thom and max evans diuex du stade calendar models

Thom and Max Evans when they are not modeling for Dieux du Stade

thom and max evans dieux du stade calendar

This Thom and Max Evans shirtless photo does not look like its from a Dieux du Stade shoot, no?

thom and max evans shirtless in gods of the stadium calendar

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