Thermal Long Johns Underwear for Boys & Teens: Disney Star Lookalike?

Thermal Long Johns Underwear for Boys. Because lots of you are looking for thermal underwear for boys, we decided to update this post to give some ideas on whats available out there. You know, what brands to buy. Or how much to pay. And, most especially, what these outfits are made of.

So let’s begin our list of thermals for boys with a Famewatcher favorite brand: CR7 Underwear. Now, we know you know that Cristiano Ronaldo launched his own underwear line. But did you know that he’s got a product line for his very young fans? Specifically, here’s CR7 boys thermal underwear:

thermal underwear for boys - cr7 boys long johns

For those of you wondering, Cristiano’s thermal long johns underwear for boys is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. How much is the price tag? You can buy the outfit for EUR 19.95.

Now, if you’d rather wear a less colorful thermal long johns, you might want to opt for this Marks and Spencer outfit which comes in classic white.

thermal long johns underwear for boys - marks and spencer

The Marks & Spencer thermal long johns underwear for boys is made of “sustainable cotton”. And it comes at a more affordable price range of £4 to £7.

Do you want a third choice aside from CR7 and Marks & Spencer? Then you should check out these Hanes thermal long johns for boys:

thermal long johns underwear for boys - hanes4

Amazon sells Hanes’ long johns and you can buy them for $16.45 to $21.26. The two outfits are made of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester.

Now, since Cristiano Ronaldo included thermal long johns for boys in his product line, we wondered whether his football/fashion star rival David Beckham has something similar? Well, turns out he does. Check out this David Beckham Bodywear Long Johns for boys.

thermal long johns underwear for boys - beckham h&m bodywear

It’s made of 95% cotton and 95% spandex. And you can buy it for $12.

ORIGINAL POST (22 August 2009). Does this teenager modeling this long john thermal underwear kinda look like that Disney teen star with big hair? Hmm, we’re trying to recall his name but it just won’t come to mind. Darn, we must be getting old coz we’re forgetful. In fact, we remember writing a post about him in this blog.


No, its not Corbin Bleu although Corbin does have big hair (and he looks good with it too).