Three Stooges Movie: Chris Diamantopoulos Shirtless Pics

Sean Penn’s loss is Paul Giamatti‘s gain. Paul is reportedly going to play the role of Larry in the upcoming new movie version of The Three Stooges which is produced/directed by the Farrelly Brothers. Sean was originally cast for the part but he begged off because of personal reasons. Personal reasons, eh? Maybe he’s still recovering from his devastation when he discovered that his you know what is smaller than James Franco’s? Come on Sean, snap out of it; it’s just a prosthetic.

Anyhoo, congratulations to Giamatti for his new movie. He will be joining cute hunk Benecio del Torro and a yet-to-be-named actor who’ll play Charlie. Hey brothers Farrelly, what about casting a real Charlie to play Charlie? We suggest Charlie Sheen aka the highest paid actor on television.

UPDATE, 20 May 2011. Turns out that Paul isn’t also doing this movie. According to, Larry is going to be played by Sean Hayes (the Will and Grace gay guy). Paul isn’t listed in the cast at all. The casting of Sean is good for us here at Famewatcher because after years of seeing him on the boob tube, it would be cool to see him on the big screen.

Canadian actor Will Sasso is cast as Curly while, and this is what we’re most excited about, the cutie that is Chris Diamantopoulos is Moe. Like Will, Chris is also Canadian but he comes from Toronto while Will is from British Columbia. Canadians rule!

The three actors have mostly done TV so it would be interesting to see whether this film will give a boost to their movie careers. What do you think? Will this do meh, good, or great in the box office? We’re hoping its gonna go great for these guys.

But let’s think about the box office receipts later. For now, let’s behold the awesomeness of a shirtless Chris Diamantopoulos. Ain’t he sexy?

He looks good in a suit too!

By the way, they just started filming a few days ago. Folks are seeing the production crew filming in Atlanta, Georgia.