Thai Male Underwear Model: Nicky Sura Teerakol

Nicky Sura Teerakol: Thai Male Underwear Model of the Day. Check out this Asian hottie, a Thai model named Nicky Sura Teerakol. He’s a gorgeous beautiful man. That’s the sexiest wet male underwear we’ve ever seen yet. Aside from modeling, Nicky also works as a singer and actor in his native Thailand. He appeared in the 2007 movie, Fighting Beat about a group of muay thai experts standing up against some extortionist baddies. Our handsome Thai model was also cast in Chum thaang rot fai phii (Train Of The Dead) which is a crime/horror/mystery movie where he played a gang leader who robbed a kindergarten school. He and his gang then boarded a train which they then planned to rob as well. [By the way, IMDB credits Nicky Sura as Sura Theerakon so maybe the latter is his correct name.]

Okay, that’s all the information we have of this hunky Thai guy. But we can ogle at his sexy shirtless photos, can’t we?

nicky sura teerakol

UPDATE: This update is for those of you who are googling for more information about Nicky Sura Teerakol such as:

nicky sura teerakol with casual dress: Haha, this is kind of fun. We also had a challenging time looking for photos of our gorgeous Thai hunk wearing some casual clothes. The boy loves the camera but practically all his pictures in the internets show him wearing skimpy underwear or no clothes at all. But we did find this one which is really more of a sportswear but … well, we can’t be choosers, can we?

nicky sura teerakol gay? Apparently, there was a big story back then about our sexy Thai hunk suing some magazine for insinuating that he is gay. He says he is not. So let’s leave it at that, shall we?

So that’s it for now, Thai Famewatchers.

Update: According to Coconuts Bangkok, Nicky Sura is now a dating coach who goes by the moniker PUA Thailand.