Tennis Players Underwear: Modus Vivendi Briefs and Boxers?

Tennis Players Underwear: Modus Vivendi Briefs and Boxers? Unlike Formula 1 drivers who need fireproof underwear or BMX racers who need extra padding, tennis players do not need any special kind of underwear in order to swing their racquet or smash tennis balls in the court.

Or do they? Nah, not really, tennis players can wear anything they want. But, like any sports activity, it is best to use non-chafe underwear to protect your skin.

However, when it comes to Wimbledon or any event that requires you to wear white shorts, tennis players must follow the advice we wrote earlier about white pants underwear, that is, to not wear white undies beneath your white pants but to use one that blends with your skin tone.

This is so because white pants tend to become transparent under certain lighting conditions resulting in your white underwear becoming pretty visible. This is especially true if your outfit gets sweaty which is often times the case when you are playing tennis.

Now, having said all that, we’d like to share with you these photos of a male model playing tennis in his underwear because… well, do we really need a because? We know you are thirsty for sporty men in their undies so we are giving you what you want. Hehehe.

tennis players underwear black boxer briefs

For those of you wondering, the model’s name is Efthimis Chatziapostolou and, as you may note in the images, he is modeling for the Greek fashion label Modus Vivendi.

tennis players underwear white boxer briefs

These photos are actually from the label’s Spring Summer 2017 campaign but we only came across these images now so we’re only blogging about it now. As they say, ’tis better late than never, ain’t it?

tennis players underwear briefs

tennis players underwear model - modus vivendi

tennis players underwear white briefs

Now, is it okay to play tennis in your underwear? Well, there’s no law against it but it is always advisable to follow proper decorum in social settings which is to say you may wear nothing but your briefs or boxers when you are playing in a private court but, heck, you should put on a pair of shorts if you’re in public.

tennis players underwear shorts

However, performance shorts like the pair Borna Coric is wearing is becoming more accepted in public places. Its very much looks like an underwear but we ain’t complaining. In fact, being the thirsty hos that you know us to be, we are very very appreciative of athletes who opt for performance shorts. Haha.

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