Jedward Fashion Style Watch: Skinny Jeans for Teens

Jedward Fashion Style Watch: Skinny Jeans for Teens. Move over Jonas Brothers, you’re not the only teen stars who rock their skinny jeans. In fact, we think John and Edward Grimes aka The Grimes Twins are rocking their skinnies better than you do.

That’s why we are so giving props to Jedward. They “conquered” the world of music. They made Simon Cowell kinda eat his words about their singing abilities. And now, they’re reportedly being inundated with TV offers from various networks including Disney, Nickelodeon and the BBC. We say, “Good for them!” Remember your fans when you reach the top, okay?

jedward fashion style watch

Anyhoo, would you agree with our friend Deena who says that Jedward are on their way to becoming teen fashion icons? They sure have interesting fashion choices which adds part to their appeal. Those shoes, for instance, are a boy’s dream.

jedward style watch skinny jeans

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Under Pressure Video: John and Edward Grimes – X Factor
15 November 2009

Another fun and enjoyable performance from Jedward, our favorite X Factor contestants. Best performance evah. But then Simon Cowell had to diminish their performance a bit by saying that he cannot judge them in the real world. Ugh Simon. Be man enough to admit that they are good both in “Jedwardland” and in the real world.

She Bangs: John and Edward Grimes on X-Factor
24 October 2009

The always entertaining John and Paul Grimes sing Ricky Martin’s She Bangs. It’s a very entertaining performance and its their best performance yet.

We hope they continue to move on. They may not be the best singers in the competition but they are the most entertaining. And, as we’ve said before, anyone who annoys Simon Cowell is fine by us. We hope they will continue to annoy him in the coming weeks.

Go, John and Edward!