Teen Boys in Shorts: Basketball Sportswear

Teen Boys in Shorts: Basketball Edition.
Originally published: 29 April 2010

Because you really really loved our post on guys in basketball shorts, we decided to do a Part II with these awesome photos of teen guys wearing nothing but their basketball shorts. Okay, they’re also wearing shoes and stuff (like them peekabo underwear) but they’re totally shirtless which we’re pretty sure you’ll like.


We love us our guys in red shorts showing some peekabo boxers.


This cute boy reminds us of our boyfriend. So angelic. So cute. So innocent looking but he’s actually not that innocent in the ways of the world if you know what we mean. Good times, we did have good times with our beau. But moved on, we did, from each other which is what you do when you graduate from high school.


Are these guys, twins? They may look alike but we doubt if they are twins? Why? Because although their basketball shorts match, their undies do not match at all. And you know what they say about twins, right? Everything should match!!! Looks like the guy on the right is wearing Under Armour while the other one on the left is either wearing CKs or Hanes. But then, maybe they are fraternal – not identical – twins, no?

So what do you thing of our teen boys in shorts?