Taylor Lautner Fashion Style: Fit Dress Shirts and Skinny Ties

Taylor Lautner Fashion Style: Fit Dress Shirts and Skinny Ties (posted 8 July 2010, updated 28 November 2021). You’ve worked out, lost weight, slimmed down, and can now boast of a banging lean sculpted body, what do you do next? Well, don’t hide your awesome hotness in baggy shirts cause that would be as foolish as lighting a candle in the dark and hiding it under a bushel. Instead, pick slim fit dress shirts that nicely hugs your body. For inspiration, check out the handsome Taylor Lautner in his dress shirts.

taylor lautner fitted shirts banana republic

He’s looking gorgeous in his Banana Republic outfit in the photo above. Then the next outfit below, the red shirt with very thin stripes is from the Spur collection. Finally, last one is from the Dior Homme collection. By the way, these photos are courtesy of GQ Magazine. Want more slim fit dress shirts.

best dress shirts for men taylor lautner style

best dress shirts for men dior homme taylor lautner style

Dress Shirts Fit for a Prince (11 July 2010). Let’s have a part II on Taylor Lautner’s slim dress shirts. Want proof that you need not give up your manly hotness if you have to dress in formal outfit? Here’s Taylor in his body-hugging H&M shirt.

best dress shirts for men hm taylor lautner style

The next three outfits (from top to bottom) are from Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren. He is really rocking these looks, isn’t he? It helps of course that he has a stylist picking the right outfits that fit him but he’s really made to wear this style.

best dress shirts for men dolce gabbana taylor lautner style

taylor lautner fashion style watch gucci

taylor lautner slim fit shirt by ralph lauren gq magazine

Taylor Lautner Shirt + Skinny Tie Fashion (22 August 2010). Still wondering if skinny ties are still in fashion? If male fashionista Taylor Lautner is wearing skinny ties in the red carpet, then it it a good guess that the style is still in fashion. So go ahead and wear your skinny tie, buddy!

taylor lautner skinny tie fashion style

taylor lautner skinny tie fashion style2

Body Fitting Shirt and Tie for Hot Men: Taylor Lautner (23 October 2009). Twilight’s Taylor Lautner is fast becoming the “It Boy” of Hollywood, isn’t he? So those of you who think that the Twilight series is nothing but silly junk should still thank its creator for opening the Hollywood doors to formerly unknown hot guys like Taylor, Kiowa Gordon, the rest of the Wolf Pack boys, Kellan Lutz and many more.

celebrity in slim fit dress shirt - taylor lautner

Now, is Taylor Lautner the hottest man alive or what? He definitely looks good in anything he wears doesn’t he? Deena especially loves loves loves his body-fitting shirt and tie.

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