Tarik Kaljanac: Bosnian Hunk is Mr. Universe Model Winner

Tarik Kaljanac: Bosnian Hunk is Mr. Universe Model Winner. Ever heard of a male beauty competition called Mr. Universe Model? Us neither! The first time we heard of it was when we came across these photos of Bosnia hunk Tarik Kaljanac who reportedly won the 2010 edition of the Mr. Universe Model Pageant. With an awesome body like that how can he not win, no?

tarik kaljanac mr universe model male beauty competition

Aww, we love white underwear like this Dolce Gabbana briefs Tarik is wearing.

tarik kaljanac mr universe model

To be sure, he also looks good in his Calvin Klein underwear.

tarik kaljanac underwear for men

Wow. We are impressed with his sculped washboard abs.

tarik kaljanac underwear model

Tarik is a sporty guy. If he’s not modeling you’ll find him playing football. He’s also a gym regular as is obvious in how he’s got a pretty good muscled body.

Here’s what Tarik says about himself in his ModelMayhem page:

Hi everyone, my name is Tarik Kaljanac. I am a professional athlete, model and the current title holder of the 2010 Mr. Universe Model contest. When I was younger, I had a great talent for sports; that’s how I realized lifting weights and good nutrition could do tremendous things for your body. I got an inspiration for training and fitness. I gained muscle and kept it up through high school and college. Later I became a successful model here in my country.

I have a lot of internal drive, mental discipline and motivation to become a world model and I am very determined to do just that. I strive to spread healthy and fit lifestyles to my friends as well. I like music, dancing, mountain biking, football and driving fast cars and motorcycles. I love to hang out with my friends, go to the beach and enjoy night life in the city.

Nice looking kid, no? Eh, no! He’s not just nice looking. He’s gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous. And he is not just a kid; as our friend Deena would say, he’s every inch a stud.

Tarik Kaljanac: Bosnian Hunk is Mr. Universe Model Winner posted 1 February 2011. Updated 22 March 2017.