Swiss Mens Underwear Model: Stephan Weiler, Mr. Switzerland

Swiss Mens Underwear Model: Stephan Weiler, Mr. Switzerland. Remember Stephan Weiler, the shaggable Mr. Switzerland we blogged about earlier? Here’s our Stephan wearing nothing but black and white boxer underwear. Can we all agree that he is a sexy cutie? There must be something in the air in them Swiss alps which produces hot guys like Stephan and those hunky Swiss farmers in their underwear which we blogged about in previous posts.

swiss mens underwear stephan weiler

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swiss mens underwear model stephan weiler

Stephan Weiler Videos. You want some videos of our handsome Swiss hunk in action, don’t you? Well, you are lucky because we have two videos for you. One looks like a pre-pageant video made for all Mr. Switzerland contestants. He’s talking in German, right? Damn! Why do we have this urge to kiss a guy speaking in a foreign language?

And here’s Stephan’s moment of victory when his name was announced as Mr. Schweiz. We already knew he won but it’s funny how, while watching this video of the event a year later, we are rooting for him to win.

We’re going to make a wild guess here and say that Stephan’s winning advantage over the other guy (the one who placed second) is that there’s a boyishness about him that you’d like to protect. You know, he’s one of those kind of men who arouses our maternal instincts such that we’d like to take care of him. The other guy, on the other hand, is handsome and tall and totally shaggable but we don’t think he has to win because he looks like he can very well take care of himself. You agree, right?

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